Workshop E&Y: Bank Financing

Workshop E&Y: Bank Financing

Bank Financing

The do's and don'ts of applying for bank financing. 

In our previous workshop, we discussed options for funding by VCs and informal investors. In the next workshop we working on bank financing. These funding often offers more possibilities than you as high-tech start-up might think.

A good application for funding with a clear justification makes the route with the bank shorter. Among others, the following points are discussed:

  • How much funding is required?
  • Prepare cash flow overview, sales forecasting and balance
  • Conditions of the bank: interest, security and surety.

Furthermore, the following types of bank financing for discussion:

  • Bank overdraft
  • Loan
  • Factoring
  • Surety I / BMK

On March 26 EY Accountants organizes a workshop at YES!Delft from 15.30 to 17.30 and we'll give you all the information, tips and tricks about applying for bank financing. 

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