Registration procedure
Deadline: Wednesday the 1st of May 2019
Register via this application form before Wednesday the 1st of May 2019.
The registration costs are € 7.50 incl. VAT.
Safe your confirmation e-mail as it contains a link you need to fill in additional information if you’re selected.
It is important that it is clearly stated which outfit you would like to exhibit at Cube Design Museum (the 28th of September 2019 to the 20th of January 2020) and which outfit to present during FASHIONCLASH Festival (the 1st + 2nd of November 2019).
NOTE: If the new sustainable collection with which you want to apply does not exist (yet), then please also send images of your previous work. It is important that it is clearly stated that this concerns "old work".
Announcement finalists: Week 19
In week 19 the finalists for the Fashion Makes Sense Award will be announced by a personal e-mail.

€ 7.50

Total: € 7.50

Including € 1.31 VAT

participant registration
 participant registration