29 April - 2 May 2019


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The BWI has been conducting activities and creating policies for several years to encourage youth presence in all levels of union structures and organising work. While youth unemployed rates have been on rise at alarming levels around the world and young people have been stuck in the choices of work under precarious and temporary conditions, the BWI always recognises that young workers should play active roles as leaders and organisers and thus have more representation in union structures to voice their demands and to build a better future for themselves.

In this regard, the BWI affiliates approved the creation of BWI International Youth Committee and conducting a Global Activist Academy, which will assist in the education and training of activists from affiliated unions. Therefore, the BWI is planning to organise a Global Activist Academy hosted by FNV, BWI affiliate in Netherlands.

The Academy will be held at FNV Trade Union House. Participants will be accommodated at WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam, which is chosen because it is the closest hotel to the FNV building.

Please visit Meeting Place and Accommodation section on left-side menu to obtain more information on locations.

Kindly register by visiting Registration section on left-side menu by 20 February 2019.

symposium registration
 symposium registration