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On the 19th of November the first Do-It! game of this year will take place. Do you want to become an Entrepreneur or do you simply want to experience what it is like to start your own company? Sign up here for the Do-It game!

During the Do-It! Game you will play a game to experience what it takes to become an entrepreneur. You will start from scratch with the goal to eventually start the most successful business. When starting up your business you are depending on different kind of factors such as money, time and a vibrant network. It will be up to you to find the right balance. All these different elements will be combined in the competitive and fun Do-It! Game. There will be loads of experienced advisors from big and small companies to assist you. So do you want to become an entrepreneur or simply experience what it is like to start your
own company? Than sign up for this spectacular Do-It! game now.

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Start to run to make the best appointment for your company


Overview, here you see all groups having an appointment with an advisor


All possible appointments with the advisors during the different rounds

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Choose the best adviser

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Winner of the Do-It! Game in November 2013


workshop registration
 workshop registration