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Seminar Computational Methods for Quakes, Waves and Tsunami's


Welcome on the registration website of the Seminar "Computational methods for quakes, waves and tsunami's" organized by the Delft Centre for Computational Science and Engineering.

Computational Methods for Quakes, Waves and Tsunami's

Recently, a number of natural disasters has happened which are related to flows in oceans and the earth crust. Severe earth quakes has occurred in Haiti 2010 and Japan 2011. Furthermore, Tsunami's with large numbers of casualties and damage took place in Indonesia/Birma 2004 and again in Japan, 2011. Both phenomena can be described by partial differential equations: the incompressible Navier-Stokes or the wave equation. Predicting the arrival time of a Tsunami can be done in a relatively easy way. However, to predict the flooding area and the real damage is much more difficult. The same holds for earth quakes to predict the effect is doable, but to predict exactly when and where a quake will happen is not possible at the moment.

Since computer power and computational methods have been strongly enhanced, predictions are within grasp. In this seminar the Delft Centre for Computational Science and Engineering (DCSE) invites a number of experts to present the state of the art with respect to modelling and computational method for Quakes, Waves and Tsunami's.

The Seminar will be held on June 21, 2011. Please use the menu to the left for the various options and register free of charge before June 16, 2011.

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