If you are in the occasion to eat something before the event, we have a few suggestions for restaurants In the area of the Maassilo.



Address: Maashaven zuidzijde 2 (Maassilo)

Time: Specially openend for this event : 11:00-13:00



Shoarma marilas                                                                                    

Address: Dordtselaan 38

Opening hours on saturday: 24 hours


Eetcafe Rams                                                                                    

Address: Dordtselaan 76c

Opening hours on saturday: 13:00-22:00


Göreme lunchroom                                                                               

Address: Dordtselaan 36-A


Soorsan Cafe & Restaurant                                                      

Address: Marentakstraat 10

Opening hours on saturday: 10:00-22:00


Chicken House Doy-Doy                                                                

Address: Oleanderstraat 32

Opening hours on saturday: 14:00-22:00


Gurbet Pide Salonu                                                                   

Address: Sint-Andriesstraat 13

Opening hours on saturday: 09:00-22:30


Baskent restaurant

Address: Putselaan 242-244