Dear colleagues,

Together with our graduates a lot of you were looking forward to this coming Saturday: the day of the graduation ceremony at Kralingse Zoom. Because your health and the health of all participants are our number one priority, we had organised this ceremony within the COVID-19 related safety regulations that were in force at the time. Unfortunately, in light of the even more stringent regulations taken by the Dutch government last Monday, we are forced to cancel this much anticipated event.

This is a huge disappointment for all those concerned. Not only for the graduates themselves, but also for the colleagues who had worked so hard to make this ceremony possible.

All graduates will receive an RBS newsflash about the cancelation. We will look into an alternative for this event and will inform you as soon as a decision has been taken.

For now, I want to thank those concerned for your effort, which will not have been in vain. We have learned a lot in the process and we will definitely use this as a blueprint for other events.

Mariska Wit