Delft is easily accessible by train from the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport and Eindhoven Airport. The Netherlands are well connected to intercontinental and international flights. The city is directly linked to the international train central stations of Amsterdam, Utrecht, The Hague, and Rotterdam. Delegates from Europe can reach The Netherlands by train using, e.g., the German ICE train and French TGV. Delft is well connected to The Hague and Rotterdam by tramway or bus. Enjoy biking along the canals of the old Delft by renting a bike at the Delft central train station. The Theater de Veste is an important spot of the Delftian contemporary culture. Internatinonal conference events can benefit from its excellent infrastructure.

The Old Delft is one of the most characteristic little towns of seventeenth-century Holland. The canal-ringed city is known for the manufacturing of Delftware, the Delft Blue handpainted pottery. It harbors the medieval Oude Kerk (old church), the burial site of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, "Master of the Minuscule", the Father of Microbiology, universally known for his microscope (link1, link2). The 15th-century Nieuwe Kerk houses the family's tombs and overlooks Delft's lively market square. The Museum Prinsenhof Delft was the former court of William of Orange, the Father of the Nation for the Netherlands.

The TU Delft is famous for pioneering works on granular sludge technologies across redox conditions from anaerobic digestion to anammox and nutrient-removing ‘aerobic’ granular sludge. The Science Centre Delft hosts the Beijerinck Museum retracing the history of the Delft School of Microbiology.

Conference delegates will get in touch with Delft history, via the:

  • welcome opening session organized at the Science Centre;
  • regular conference sessions at Theater de Veste;
  • conference gala dinner at Museum Prinsenhof with van Leeuwenhoek;

- all easily accessible by foot inside the Old Delft and across the canals -

  • technical tour of three core granular sludge installations of the Netherlands.
event registration made easy
 event registration made easy