YES!Delft Growth hacking workshop

YES!Delft Growth hacking workshop


Join our 2-day intensive growth hacking crash course!

Ready to grow products faster than the competition and develop skills that others in your field don’t have? Building the greatest product is not enough anymore. You need to attract and convince new customers. How? By applying the growth hacking process. Growth hacking diverts from traditional marketing.

It's a mix of product management, coding, lean Startup, conversion rate optimization and digital marketing. During these two intensive days, we'll upgrade you with the skills and knowledge of the future to apply growth hacking in your organization.

The first day is planned on Wednesday November 23 (from 09 – 12.30) and the second day on December 12 (13.30 – 17.00)

Full progam, click here Growth Hack XP Yes!Delft.pdf