We have been using Holacracy as a management system for aanmelder.nl for almost 5 years now. I checked back and we officially started in January 2017! 

A lot of people have joined the company since then. And although everybody gets an introduction when they start working at aanmelder.nl and learn a lot about how the system works along the way, these things need a refresher once in a while. 

Therefore I planned a Holacracy refresher on the 3rd of December. Herre, the coach that introduced us to Holacracy, will pay us a visit to give a presentation about thinking behind the system, give some tips to prevent us from falling back into old habits and will be there to answer all the questions you might have. If you already have some questions about Holacracy right now, I would like to ask you to email them to me in advance so Herre can address them in his presentation and go into a bit more detail on those topics.

The session will take place on December 3rd at 15:00. It will be at the office but will also be recorded using Event Streaming. So you can ask questions when joining from home or watch it back if you are unable to attend.

I would like to invite everyone to join the session. Even the people that were there when we started with Holacracy might learn something new!