For many years, Blaise has been a leading data collection platform for complex government and scientific surveys. Now Blaise is in transition from Blaise 4 (Blaise for Windows and browser) to Blaise 5, a true multimode and multi-device system. While many surveys are still in Blaise 4, there are now Blaise 5 surveys conducted around the world. Blaise 5 is designed to handle the entire range of survey challenges as described in the topics below.

The survey world is changing rapidly. New IT technology and new methodological insights have changed the way surveys are conducted. Multimode surveying, such as combinations of CAWI, CATI, CAPI, remains an important but evolving capability. The use of the internet and mobile devices with all their variety of screens and operating systems create great possibilities and pose considerable challenges at the same time. Last but not least, multicultural surveys, which go far beyond conducting surveys in multiple languages, represent new and difficult challenges.

The IBUC Committee wishes to bring together all kinds of survey practitioners in a unique opportunity to influence the development of the emerging Blaise 5. The committee would like to hear about your institute's Blaise 4 and 5 experiences. The committee is also interested in papers concerning topics such as the production of electronic instruments, how survey methodology is impacted by systems capability and how systems provide for survey management needs. The committee would also like to hear about the business end of conducting surveys in this day and age.

In a very large sense the conference is about coping with the modern survey world, going far beyond Blaise as a system.

The first IBUC was held in Voorburg, the Netherlands, in 1992. Following conferences were held in London, Helsinki, Paris, Lillehammer, Kinsale, Washington, Copenhagen, Gatineau, Papendal, Annapolis, Riga, Baltimore and once again in London and Washington. The 16th IBUC was held in April 2015 in Beijing, China and was hosted by the Institute of Social Science Survey (ISSS) of Peking University.

More information about IBUC and Blaise can be found on the Blaise website

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