Experience real science!

The afternoon of Wednesday, 5 October has been reserved for a social programme. We look forward to taking you to the TU Delft Science Centre, where several workshops will be on offer.

The Science Centre turns Delft University of Technology inside out and allows you to see the role technology and science play in society. As a visitor, you are invited to participate in and contribute to its devopment! Inspiration, creativity, timeliness and true interactivity are the principles behind the Science Centre, putting humanity, designs and buildings first. 

Amazing Technology

In The Amazing Technology room you'll experience the 'wow'-effect. Touch, take part and experience in a room full of amazing equipment, fast experiments, measuring equipment and exhibits such as the Nuna solar car. All of the objects are the result of real research, teaching and graduation assignments and competitions entered by TU Delft students and scientists.

The number of participants per workshop is limited. Please indicate your preference in two choices (1st and 2nd choice). If the preference is not indicated, we will schedule participants according to availability. 

Dress code: smart casual

Aside from attending workshops, you will have the opportunity to look around and experience the amazing world of Dutch hi-tech at the Science Centre.

Workshop Groups

All groups will enjoy a combination of workshop and tour (subject to availability).

Group 1. NUNA Workshop & Guided Tour including Simona flight simulator

Look at it from the sunny side and build a miniature version of the fastest solar-driven car in the world, the award-winning Nuna8. Then turn the Science Centre inside out on an interactive guided tour including a visit to flight simulator Simona.


Group 2. Brush Robot Workshop & Backstage Campus Tour

Give an ordinary dishwasher brush a new life by turning it into a trembling walking robot. Then step further into the world of science and technology and explore the highlights of the campus in a guided tour.


Group 3. Balancing Robot Workshop & Guided Tour including Simona flight simulator

Have you ever tried to build a self-balancing robot (including connecting a solar-driven motor, micro-switch, wiring and welding)? Now is your chance in this challenging workshop. Then turn the Science Centre inside out on an interactive guided tour including a visit to flight simulator Simona.


Group 4. Flying with Drones (weather permitting) & Guided Tour with MGM Workshop 

Has it always been your dream to fly a drone? Learn the ins and outs of drone-flying using a tablet. But don't crash! Land gently with a workshop on earthly matters such as minerals, crystals, ores and fossils.


Group 5. Guided Tour with MGM Workshop & Flying with Drones (weather permitting)

Dig into the world of crystals, minerals, ores and fossils at the MGM. Then take off and learn how to fly a drone with a tablet, but don't fly too high.


Group 6. Backstage Campus Tour & LEGO Mindstorms Workshop

It ain't much if it ain't Dutch. Explore Dutch technological inventions on a guided campus tour. Now you have enough inspiration to complete a challenging assignment with LEGO League robots.


Group 7. Guided Tour including Simona flight simulator & NUNA Workshop

Be a pilot and try to land Simona safely. Then stay on the ground by building a miniature NUNA8, the fastest solar-driven car in the world.


Group 8. LEGO Mindstorms Workshop & Backstage Campus Tour

Try navigating LEGO League Robots with sensors through a track full of assignments. Later on, see whether your success matches the skills of TU Delft experts on the Backstage Campus Tour.



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 event registration made easy