In the past, we have held several pre-conference days. We’d like to have one again this year. Below is the schedule for this day. These sessions will be held on Monday, 3 October 2016 in the same location as the Conference (New Babylon, The Hague).

The pre-conference day is open to everyone. If you only wish to attend the pre-conference day and not IBUC, there is a registration fee of 95 euros for the day. If you select the pre-conference day in combination with the 3-day IBUC event, the total amount will be 500 euros.

Monday 3 October preliminary progamme (more details to follow)

08.15-09.00 Registration ( Rooms open 08.30)

Session 1 (level 1)

Introduction to

Blaise 5

Session 3 (level 2)


Session 5 (level 3)

Blaise 5 Technologies

10.30-11.00 Break


Session 1 (level 1)

Introduction to

Blaise 5


Session 3 (level 2)



Session 5 (level 3)

Blaise 5 Technologies

12.30-13.30 Lunch

Session 2 (level 1)

Moving to Blaise 5

Session 4 (level 2)

How to set up your Survey


Session 6 (level 3)

Customising the Data

Entry Client

15.00-15.30 Break

Session 7 ( All Levels)

Blaise Team Presents ....



Note that the focus of these sessions is knowledge transfer, not workshops/courses. There is no need to bring your device.



Level 1: Assumes basic knowledge about Blaise 4. No knowledge of Blaise 5 required

Level 2: Assumes some working knowledge of Blaise 5

Level 3: Assumes knowledge of Blaise 5, C# and/or JavaScript


The sessions

Session 1 (Level 1):

Introduction to Blaise 5: "All things Blaise 5"

In this session, we’ll give you an overview of the different parts of the Blaise Suite. We’ll show you how to develop a questionnaire and what it can look like on a Windows machine, in browsers, on tablets and on phones.


Session 2: (Level 1): 
Moving to Blaise 5: "Strap-in & stand by for lift-off!"

In this session, we’ll compare Blaise 5 with Blaise 4. We’ll show you where you can find Blaise 4 functionality in Blaise 5 and how you can convert your sources, layout and/or data to Blaise 5. You’ll also learn about how Manipula works in Blaise 5 as opposed to Blaise 4 and how CATI has changed between the two versions.


Session 3 (Level 2):

Layout: "Lookin’ good, there, Blaise!"

In this session, we’ll show how you can add nice and functional layout to a questionnaire, and some programming practices to make this task easier. You’ll also learn how to create an adaptive design for big monitors and small phones and a multimode layout for experienced interviewers and non-experienced respondents.


Session 4 (Level 2):

How to set up your survey environment: "On your marks! Get set! Go!"

In this session, you’ll get an idea of the possibilities for deployment. We’ll show you how to get your survey up and running in the DEP, apps and browsers. We’ll tell you what kind of hardware you may need, how to handle your case management, how to get data to and from your device and which roles you should set up for your servers. You’ll also learn some things you need to be able to tell your IT-department what you need from them.


Session 5 (Level 3):

Blaise 5 Technologies: "To boldly go…"

In this session we’ll talk about how the infrastructure is set up and how the underlying architecture works. We’ll show you how to set up servers and how to manage users and you’ll learn how our security is handled. We’ll also talk about paradata (audit trail), session data and the new Blaise data interface, and how it compares to Blaise 4


Session 6 (Level 3):

Customizing the Data Entry Client: "The geeky bits"

In this session we’ll show how the meta API and the data record API work, and you’ll also learn about how you can customise the DEP, ASP, MVC and Android / iOS using an API.


Session 7 (All Levels):

Blaise team Presents: "Blaise is also fun"

In this session we’ll show some tips and tricks and you’ll see some demos.


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 event registration made easy