The University of Maastricht, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Leiden University and Utrecht University are collaborating under the name of ‘Caring Universities’ in order to study and improve student wellbeing in the Netherlands. On short term, this consortium aims to develop several e-health courses and interventions which we offer to students for free. As of this moment we already have a module that we can offer you, the iCare Prevent module. 

What is it?

The iCare Prevent module is a e-health course aimed at acquiring skills that help you improve your mood and learn to cope better with stress and anxieties. This module has recently been developed and is being tested in scientific research for its effectiveness. The content of the module is based on self-regulation and cognitive behavioral therapy. These are scientifically proven methods to hone skills that improve wellbeing. 

The iCare prevent self-help course consists out of 7-weekly online sessions. Finishing one session will take approximately one hour. The sessions consist of text, assignments and audiovisual components (for example video’s).

How does the module work?

 This module is offered without guidance by a coach. This means that you can work on the sessions on your own time and pace in a way that suits you best. On the Mind-District platform of the VU from which we offer the modules, a chat functions exists by default. Please notice that this chat function is not operational because we set up the module in such a way that you can independently work on it. 

Appropriate care

The iCare prevent module is not a replacement for psychological treatment. If you are worried about your situation we advise to get in touch with your general practitioner or with the UM psychologists from the university. If there is an emergency situation you can call the national emergency phone number (112). When you are having thoughts about hurting yourself, you can get in touch with 113 through the phone number 0900-0113. In this course you will learn skills, which cannot replace – and should not delay – professional help when it is needed. 

Where can I register?

If you would like to use the iCare Prevent module, please register and read the instructions. The UM psychologists will create a profile on Mind District accordingly with your name and e-mail address and will add the module to your account. Subsequently you can start with the module on your own account with the login code you receive through your e-mail.