Welcome to the website of the International Conference on Competitions 2014.

The international conference on competitions is a regular meeting of an interdisciplinary (e.g. architecture, urban planning, sociology, management) research network focusing on competitions in the built environment as a common scientific object and specific field of knowledge. After successful events in 2008 (Stockholm), 2010 (Copenhagen) and 2012 (Montreal; Helsinki) the 5th international conference on competitions in the built environment takes place in the Netherlands. It will be hosted by Delft University of Technology. During this conference international scholars present and discuss contemporary research on architectural and urban competitions. There will also be room for formal and information conversations about contemporary practice and future research initiatives.

This year the general theme relates to interactions between clients and architects and the conditions for design. Are competitions obstacles in establishing a relationship between a client and an architect or urban designer, or do competitions act as catalyst and professional laboratories? How can the structure and procedures contribute to client-architect interactions, and how do they push them apart? What do we actually know when we have selected an architectural firm during a competition? How can (restricted) competitions become an experimental arena for innovative design?

Here you can find information about the International Conference on Competitions 2014. Furthermore you can register for this event and see the program.

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Beatrice Manzoni & Leentje Volker

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