Conference topics

The conference is organized along several themes:

-What is a competition? A critical debate on their roles, their contribution to the quality of our built environment and their characteristics across countries and regulations.

-Where are competitions held and what are they about? Mapping the geography of competitions, tasks and the level of solution space.

-Who takes part into competitions? Analysis of the profile and strategies of the architects, architectural firms and design teams taking part into competitions.

-Why do clients and architects participate in competitions? Contributing to the long lasting debate about impact and legacies of competitions.

-What is the role of the dialogue between client and architects? Does it contribute to better alignments between the parties or does it lead to false expectations, legal disparities and lost creative potential?

-What’s the relation between competition form and innovations? Addressing the role of the client, jury and design teams in competitions in relation to the outcomes.

-How do clients manage the competitions process? Focusing on aims, stakeholder strategies and jury deliberations of commissioning client organizations.

Please find the full schedule and final themes of the parallel paper session at Documents

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 conference registration