ICIS Final Event

Highlights & Future Perspectives

ICIS Final Event Tuesday january 26th 2010



Art Centre Delft

General Program

  • ICIS Highlights & Vision

  • Scientific Achievements & Demonstrations

  • Application and Valorization of ICIS Concepts

  • Actor-Agent Communities (AACs)

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ICIS is a five-year BSIK program aiming to strengthen the knowledge infrastructure in the Netherlands with regard to the use of smart components for intelligent and sustainable systems in the fields for crisis, traffic and healthcare management.

Participating organizations in the project are:
Thales Nederland B.V., Radboud University, University of Amsterdam, University Maastricht, University Twente, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University Tilburg, University Utrecht, Technical University Delft, Stichting Neurale Netwerken, TNO, 4TEC, Almende, ARS Traffic & Transport Technology, LogicaCMG, Technolution B.V.

participating organizations

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