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On May the 2nd YES!Delft Students is organizing the second Inspirational Lecture of this year! Meet the founders of rising companies like Coolblue, Magnet.me and BackupAgent! Here you can find all the information about the Inspirational Lecture. Furthermore you can register here for the event, view the invitation, the registered participants and the route information.

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Pieter Zwart, Founder & CEO Coolblue
In 1999 Pieter Zwart started his company, Coolblue. A company that provides several kinds of webshops for consumer electronics (i.e.PDAshop.nl, laptopshop.nl etc.). 13 years later Coolblue exists of 160 webshops, 4 real life shops, makes a revenue of 168 million Euros per year and is still operating in an expanding market. How does Coolblue manage so much webshops at the same time and handle with big competitors as Amazon and bol.com? Learn it at the next inspirational lecture!

Robert van Geldrop, Founder & CTO BackupAgent
BackupAgent is a fast growing vendor of cloud backup software. The company was founded in 2005 'from the dorm room' when market trends such as growing bandwidth penetration, enormous data increase and the dependency on digital data for business continuity created a vision among the founders. A vision to establish a replacement for the traditional backup methods with a convenient, reliable and internet-based cloud backup platform.

Freek Schouten, Founder and Owner Magnet.me
In the beginning of 2011 a new professional online network was born, Magnet.me. A network that distinguishes itself from other professional network, as for example linked in, by focusing only on students in search for a job or job related experiences. Freek Schouten is going talk about his entrepreneurial experiences with Magnet.me, what kind of difficulties he faced and how he overcame them to the current success of Magnet.me.

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