Hand in your cleantech idea

Hand in your cleantech idea


Welcome to the event website of The Dutch CleanTechChallenge.

You can hand in your idea here! Write a piece from 200-500 words and join the challenge!

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look at the website: www.cleantechchallenge.nl
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About the Cleantech Challenge
The Cleantech Challenge originated in London in 2009 as a student competition designed to nurture innovative ideas. The competition process propels those ideas to a level where the concept can start to attract funding. For the first time this competition has a Dutch counterpart and after completion of the Dutch CTC the winning team has the opportunity to compete at the international finals in London.

The Cleantech Challenge provides entrepreneurial students first and foremost with an incredible opportunity to test the strength and viability of their start‐up concept on both a local and international platform. The new ventures are based on real technological opportunities and require the best of both worlds in students. In order to create a powerful team the competition encourages students with technical and business backgrounds to integrate their experience and expertise.

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YES!Delft Students, the financial study association Rotterdam and the Energy Club


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