Women in Photonics event

As in previous years, IEEE Photonics Society Benelux Chapter invites you to the 4th IEEE Women in Photonics event, which will take place in the VU Main building at the same location as the IPB Symposium, but will start at 16:30 of 21st November.
The event aims to provide a platform for networking, career growth and support to female scientists from both industry and academia, fostering collaboration, mentoring and coaching between peers at different career stages. The ultimate goal is to encourage women to advance their career in the photonics field to achieve the ideal gender balanced workplace. 

At this event, our speaker will be Laura Lechuga, who will talk about her experiences and advice for women working in this field. 
Registration for this event is seperate. For registration, please send an email to:

21st of November

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17:00 18:00 Registration
18:00 18:15 Welcome
18:15 19:00 Invited Speaker Prof. Dr. Laura Lechuga: 
Nanophotonic Biosensor Platforms for ultrasensitive clinical
diagnostics at the point-of-care
19:00 19:45 Invited Speaker Prof. Dr. Liam Barry: Spectrally Efficient Photonic Systems using Advanced Optical Sources
19:45 21:15 Walking Dinner + Poster session (PDF)

22nd of November

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8:30 9:00 Registration
9:00 9:45 Invited Speaker Dr. Christopher Doerr: The Marriage of Silicon Photonics and Coherent Communications
9:45 10:30 Invited Speaker Prof. Dr. Malte Gather: Microresonators and Nanolasers to explore the Biomedical World
10:30 11:00 Coffee Break
11:00 12:00 Oral Presentations Session 1
Oral presentations session 1
Time Waveguides/fibers Photonics Integration
11:00 R.A. Botter (Utwente)”Design and material selection for enhancing Brillouin scattering in integrated waveguides” D. Pustakhod (TUEindhoven)“Technology and Design Flow Automation for Photonic Integrated Circuits”

Gilles Freddy Feutmba (UGhent) "Strong Second-harmonic generation in PZT thin films"

P. An (TUEindhoven)Tunable terahertz beat note generation based on a monolithic photonic integrated circuit
11:30 J. Hazan (TUEindhoven) “Towards an Integration Technology Platform at 1300nm: Ridge Waveguide Design” I. Ansari (UGhent)PZT integrated photonics system for hybrid optomechanics
11:45 J.P. van Engelen (TUEindhoven)“Arrayed waveguide grating in InP-membrane-on-Silicon patterned by 193-nm deep UV lithography” O. F. P. G. Daulay (Utwente)“On-chip Programmable Microwave Photonic Filter with an Integrated Optical Carrier Processor”
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12:00 13:30 Walking Lunch + Poster Session (PDF)
13:30 14:30 Oral Presentations session 2


Oral Presentations Session 2
Time Lasers/Optical Systems Photonics Integration II
13:30 X. Chen (UGhent)”Building Graph-based Programming Strategies for Reconfigurable Photonic Circuits” S. Reniers (TUEindhoven)“Towards the Integration of an Ultrashort Polarization Converter on the Twin-guide InP-Membrane-on-Silicon Platform”
13:45 B. Shi (TUEindhoven) “Error Analysis of a 3-Layer SOA-based Photonic Deep Neural Network in Image Classification” S. van der Heide (TUEindhoven) “Modal Analysis of Fiber-Optical Devices using Digital Holography”
14:00 H. O. Cirkinoglu (TUEindhoven)“An InP-based integrated modulated coherent state source for differential phase shift quantum key distribution” Y. Xu (UTwente)“On chip micro-thin lens for coupling single-mode optical waveguide”
14:15 J. R. Vaskasi (TUEindhoven)“Characterization of optical loss and carrier lifetime in integrated III-V/SOI distributed feedback lasers” M. Spiegelberg (TUEindhoven) “Wafer scale technology to integrate photonics on BiCMOS electronics”
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14:30 15:00 Coffee Break
15:00 16:15 Oral Presentations Session 3


Oral Presentations Session 3

Time Resonators/ Reservoir Computing Photonics Sensing
15:00 F. Böhm (VU Brussel)”A poor man’s coherent Ising machine: Solving optimization problems with opto-electronic feedback systems” F.A. de Bot (TUEindhoven)“Porous SiO2 cladding for PIC-based humidity sensor”
15:15 Shaojuan Zhang (TUEindhoven)”A novel Optical Wireless Data Center Network Architecture Based on Passive Diffractive Optics and Fast Tunable Lasers” T. Liu (TUEindhoven)Integrated displacement sensor with broad optical bandwidth 
15:30 J.Pauwels (VU Brussel)”Coherent Fiber-Ring Reservoir Computer with Distributed Nonlinearity” X. Jia (UGhent)“On-Chip Integrating Cylinder Cavity for Ultra-Compact NDIR CO2 Sensors”
15:45 S.Sackesyn (UGhent)”A power-efficient architecture for silicon photonic reservoir computing” W.A.P.M. Hendriks (Utwente)”A referenced beatnote interrogated biosensor based on coupled DBR laser cavities”
16:00 K. Harkhoe (VU Brussel) “Computational Capacity of Photonic Delay-based Reservoir Computing” L. Chang (Utwente) “Waveguide temperature in a lasing micro cavity”


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16:15 17:00 Closing Ceremony and Poster Award




event registration made easy
 event registration made easy