Iconic Houses Conference (2018)

Iconic Houses Conference (2018)

15 May,


Expert Meetings

for house museum professionals and private owners of an iconic house 

1) The American Art of Fundraising    

2) Creative Approaches to the Stewardship of Residential Masterpieces of the 20th Century – Five Case Studies

Presentations by organizations that developed alternative ways to preserve this particular emerging heritage, other than as a house museum.

(Open to Iconic Houses members and Friends of Iconic Houses only)

16 May, Wednesday

Pre-Conference House Tours

Marcel Breuer House at Pocantico, Russel Wright’s Manitoga in Tarrytown and a Usonian Home by Frank L. Wright in Pleasantville, New York.

17 May, Thursday

Lectures - Philip Johnson and the Harvard Five

In the 1940s, a group of five architects from Harvard inspired by the Bauhaus style of architecture settled in New Canaan, CT, where they stirred up an experimental modernist movement in the sleepy New England town. Speakers will offer an insight about the role of architect Philip Johnson and the Harvard Five in the 20th century.

House Tours 

The House Tours in the afternoon will lead to four private houses designed by Philip Johnson in New Canaan and to his iconic Glass House.

18 May, Friday

Lectures - Iconic Houses in Latin America  

Iconic Houses in Latin America aims to bring on the radar the houses or house museums that are doing well and those that are threatened with demolition or closure. Representatives of house museums in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela will give examples of their struggle to survive or share with us their successful survival strategies.

House Tours 

The House Tours in the afternoon will lead to five significant private houses, designed by John Black Lee, Marcel Breuer, Richard Meier, Eliot Noyes and Hugh Smallen.

19-21 May, Saturday

Post-Conference Tours to Cape Cod and Boston area

(Open to Iconic Houses members and Friends of Iconic Houses only)

The Post-Conference House Tours to Cape Cod, Cambridge and the Boston area, will be limited to 40 attendees who are members or Friends of Iconic Houses. This three day trip includes tours of seven houses, designed by Walter Gropius, Philip Johnson, Serge Chermayeff, Jack Hall and Paul Weidlinger a.o.

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