Conference dinner


Eetcafé De Brakke Grond
Nes 43
1012 KD Amsterdam


Register here for the Conference dinnner. Choose ticket group "Conference fee only" if you already registered for the conference. That way, you can buy a separate ticket for the conference dinner.  

From VU University (Metro/tram station De Boelelaan/VU):

  • Tram 5, direction Amsterdam Central Station, stop at: Dam/Paleisstraat. 3 minute walk to the Brakke Grond.
  • Metro 51, direction Amsterdam Central Station, stop at: Nieuwmarkt. 8 minute walk to the Brakke Grond.



The history of the Brakke Grond started six centuries ago on a wet piece of land, when a group of women decided to establish the Sint Margaretha convent there in 1406. Through the years, the convent expanded and became wealthy by making mustard and beer. However, trouble struck when the Iconoclastic Fury broke loose in the Netherlands in 1566. The convent lost more and more of their possessions, until the building was eventually sold by the Amsterdam city council in 1595. After that, the convent was converted into a meat market and a shelter for refugees. The building was frequently inhabited by refugees from Flanders, who flocked to Amsterdam due to the Eighty Years’ War.

The Brakke Grond got its present name in 1625 when a tavern opened its doors named “De Bracke Gront”. At that time the Brakke Grond also began to function as an auction house for coffee, tea and tabacco, imported by the Dutch East India Company. The building would continue to function as an auction house until halfway the twentieth century.

During the twentieth century the Brakke Grond slowly turned into a party venue, music hall and theater. In the seventies the building was rebuilt, by architect Arthur Staal, and became the Vlaams Cultureel Centrum (Cultural Center of Flanders), containing a theater, exhibition space, library and restaurant.  The cultural center opened its door in 1981 and is still active today. The conference dinner will take place in the theater, the Expozaal, of the Brakke Grond