Early Bird tickets extended until the conference!

Published on 06-0-17

The Early Bird rate is extented until the 16th! Get your regular ticket or conference dinner ticket on this website. 


Conference dinner at the Brakke Grond

Published on 24-02-17

The conference dinner will be at restaurant the Brakke Grond! In the historical city center of Amsterdam the first conference day will end with delicious food and good company.

You can register for the conference dinner via the registration form. If you forgot to include the conference dinner during your registration, you can choose 'conference dinner fee only' at the bottom (see: choose your ticket group)


REMINDER! Only 1 week left to get your Early Bird ticket

Published on 22-02-17

Be sure to register before 1 March 2017 to get your Early Bird ticket! Check the preliminary program to find all the panelsessions you can attend. 

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Published on 20-02-17

This panel will focus on ´information activity´, the creation, acquisition and exchange of information in relation to power during various periods of time. How and where did information transfer come about? How did specific information networks and institutions, especially those acting within the context of imperial hegemony, deal with confidential knowledge?

Find out more about the panels in the preliminary program:

Program 17 March 2017

Keynote speaker day 1: Dr. Toni Weller

Published on 15-02-17

Get to know the keynotes! Dr. Toni Weller will speak on March 16th. Her keynote speech is titled: "The Potency of the Human Element: Information and Power in History" 

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Published on 14-02-17

This panel mainly concentrates on the direct relations between information and decision making. Topics vary from the physical transfer of information, via information gathering and use to more abstract questions like how information was processed and appreciated by decision makers and how this related to power. This will be discussed against the background of different contexts such as warfare, water management, and diplomacy , from the late Middle Ages to the 19th century.

Check out the panelsessions at the Program pages!

Program 17 March


Published on 10-02-17

This panel will focus on the control of information by governmental institutions, such as spokesmen, intelligence agencies and spies. How did governments between the 15th and the 20th century try to manage the flow of information? How did they exercise their power, either by distributing information or by withholding it? And did they use their control over the flow of information as a means of coercion or even oppression?

Furthermore, this panel will focus on non-governmental actors who have reacted to the governmental control over information. These actors include press agencies, whistleblowers and professional historians. How have they tried to gain access to information or to disclose information, despite the governmental restrictions? 

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Introducing Theme I: EXPERTS & INFLUENCE

Published on 01-02-17

This panel has the role of experts and expertise as transmitters and mediators of information as its subject. It takes on the public role of science within social and political organizations, and the way their concepts frame and influence practices within civil society and administrative and political elites.

What is the relative significance of experts in different historical periods? How did their techniques of collecting and framing information, influencing and wielding power, develop?  Experts can vary from merchants to marketeers, from advisors to the court to modern political scientists. 

Find out more about the conference theme here!

Check out the preliminary program

Published on 25-01-17

Have a look at the preliminary program! Check out the panels, speakers and the five themes at our 'Program' pages.

Early Bird registration is open!

Published on 24-01-17

Register now for the International Conference 'Information and Power in History'. Over forty speakers in five panels will present their research on the exciting connection between information and power through historyClick on 'Register' in the menu for the registration form, and save money with the Early Bird tickets! Deadline Early Bird tickets: 1 March 2017  


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