INFLUENCING WITHOUT POWER - by Professor Ingemar Dierickx

INFLUENCING WITHOUT POWER - by Professor Ingemar Dierickx

Influencing Without Power is an intensive one-day workshop that captures the practical knowledge of savvy dealmakers around the world and draws on Game Theory and Social Psychology to provide fundamental insights into the structural, tactical and psychological dimensions of the influencing game. Participants will learn to play the influencing and negotiating game with greater confidence and superior tactical finesse.

By attending this workshop, you will learn to:

  • Use influencing tools that are effective– and avoid behaviour that is counterproductive
  • Enhance your personal credibility in the eyes of your counterpart
  • Spot business opportunities and structure arrangements to create maximum economic value
  • Avoid arguments
  • Maintain composure under pressure
  • Recognize the fundamental personality traits that become increasingly critical as one climbs the corporate ladder 

We have only 8 limited spots available for this masterclass. Please sing-up here (NOTE: only available for one founder of a company). 

Ingemar Dierickx is a senior partner of D&AC – Negotiation Advisors, a company that offers a wide range of negotiation support services. For nearly three decades, he has advised clients in a broad range of industries. As a negotiator, he has represented the interests of high net worth individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate clients. As a trainer and coach, he has run hundreds of highly successful negotiation workshops around the world.


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