The Innovation Lab 20 November 2015

The Innovation Lab 20 November 2015

20 November 2015

09:30 -


10:00 -

An introduction to the meSch project
Shaping a new approach to developing exhibitions and events

10:30 -

Us vs Them?
Introduction to new technologies and creating collaborative experiences

11:00 -

What does user experience mean?
Understanding user needs and how to create meaning with technology

12:00 -

Case Study: Working with Smart Objects for the first time
How we used paper prototyping to make quick, collaborative decisions

12:30 -

Lunch Break and tour of the Waag Fablab

13:30 -

Create a storyboard for an exhibition, exhibit or event
Designing the visitor experience on paper

14:30 -

From storyboard to prototyp
Thinking big and staring small, a hands-on approach to innovation

16:30 -

Group presentations

17:00 -


ticket sales
 ticket sales