The Green Village: Cocreating a sustainable future by Jaron Weishut, Managing Director at The Green Village. He will share his knowledge on how technological breakthroughs can only work in combination with new business models, flexible law and regulation and social acceptance. 


TU Delft/Royal Haskoning DHV: Building bridges out of beer bottles by Ate Snijder, Projectteam. The idea of the Glass Masonry Bridge was born to pave the way for glass as a new structural material for bridges. It is sustainable (made from sand, infinitely recyclable) and durable (does not corrode, rust or rot).


 KarTentOne out of four tents are thrown away after a festival. KarTent makes tents out of cardboard,  making recycling of the material easy! They are waterproof and they will be delivered at the festival.


Black Bear: Take a quick look around you, and realize that almost everything you see that is black in colour has carbon black in it. Every year around 2.4 billion new tires are manufactured and about 1 billion polluting end-of-life tires enter the global waste stream. The solution: harvest and upcycle the carbon black from end-of-life tires to a quality level that exceeds that of the original product – in a way that preserves the planet and its natural resources.