Interactive workshops Seminar on Internationalisation



Lost in Translation: “Warm” welcome - room M2-08 (2nd floor West)

In this workshop we will explore the definition of warm in the warm welcome. We will also discuss in smaller groups why we should offer a warm welcome; who are or should be involved and what does a warm welcome entail? We will look at some practices and determine if they are good practices or not. We hope to conclude the session with a (more) clear idea of where we stand, where we need or want to go from here and what steps to take.

The workshop is organised by the International Office of the Erasmus University Rotterdam, together with international students currently living in Rotterdam.


The path to internationalisation at home - room M1-08 (1st floor East)

The concept of Internationalisation at Home was introduced as an addition and/or alternative to international mobility of students. However, including internationalisation in our domestic curricula for instance is not an easy accomplishment. How do you decide what to add/alter and where? How do you make the ‘internationalisation’ fit with the rest of the curriculum? How do you convince curriculum committees and teachers to change their courses?

This workshop will deal with how to approach i@home in a strategic manner and thus create customized i@home solutions for individual programmes. We will also discuss a few specific i@home examples that have been implemented.


Career services: how to help international students become future-proof graduates - room M1-07 (1st floor East)

In this session we will explore in which ways we can work together to meet the career support needs of international students. After representatives of HR, EUR and the City of Rotterdam briefly present new initiatives and projects that aim at increasing the employability of international students, we hope to identify some joint activities and services that can help international students in Rotterdam secure a successful entry into the labour market.


Professionalisation of internationalisation - room M2-10 (2nd floor West)

In this workshop we will focus on the needs of professionalisation of staff (lecturers, supporting staff, management) in the field of internationalization. The growing number of international students, full degree or exchange, in Dutch Higher Education, forces us to have closer look at our knowledge and competencies in working with this particular group. We will discuss the choices made concerning the professionalisation in this field at the Hague University of Applied Sciences, and explore how the various institutions in the Rotterdam region can coordinate and jointly organise their professional development programme in internationalisation.


(Joint) research internationalisation - room M2-06 (2nd floor West)

This workshop addresses the question of how the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the Rotterdam region could develop and design internationalisation research, to be able to formulate a research agenda. This research agenda should match the educational situation of the metropolitan area and the questions posed by the educational environment in Rotterdam, as seen by the Rotterdam educational institutions and the municipality of Rotterdam. Starting points are the startnotitie onderzoeksprogramma internationalisering NRO-Nuffic and the research agenda’s HEI's Rotterdam. It is primarily the intention to talk to each other about this and to establish a focus.

Moderators: Joost van der Veen (Codarts) and Leo Klienbannink (HR)