Break out Sessions

During the afternoon, there will be break out sessions about the opportunities and challenges of the mission-driven innovation policy. The following speakers & companies will share their views on the future of Healthcare:

  • Plenary opening by Carmen van Vilsteren, chair of Top Sector Life Sciences & Health
  • Anant Murthy, General Manager Benelux, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals
  • Marika Murto, General Manager Netherlands, Amgen
  • Bert Roossien, Global Head Active Medical Devices, BSI Group
  • Angus Livingstone, Valorization Director, Oncode
  • Janny van den Eijnden, Director, hDMT (Institute for human organ and Disease Model Technologies)


Award Show

Introducing The first Dutch Life Sciences & Health Awards

This year Invest in Holland & Health~Holland are proud to officially launch the International Dutch Life Sciences Awards 2019. The awards will be presented to the best new, established and patient-centered companies helping to drive and inspire the Dutch Life Sciences & Health ecosystem.



Company leaders and government representatives can nominate companies in the following three categories:

  1. Best new company (<5 years active in Europe/ The Netherlands)
  2. Best established company (>5 years active in Europe/ The Netherlands)
  3. Most patient-centered company 

Invest in Holland & Health~Holland will select a shortlist - in cooperation with the Ministry of Health & Economic Affairs - and will decide which company will receive the International Dutch Life Sciences Award 2019. 



The award for best new company (1) and the best established company (2) will be given to a company that scores high on these criteria:

* Contribution to the Economy

- Investment Sum & Employment

- contribution to the strengthening of clusters

- contribution to Innovation and technology

* Contribution to Society

- contribution to societal challenges (e.g. food, health, environment)

- contribution to local community / CSR


The award for most patient-centered company (3) has less quantitative criteria. The leading philosophy here is that a product or process is good for the business when it is good for the patient.

event registration made easy
 event registration made easy