IoT Day Rotterdam hackathon:

'Stay in Charge!'

ENG | Monday 8 april  18.30-21.15hrs - kick-off | Tuesday 9 April  9.30-17.45 hrs - hackathon | Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25

Each year a hackathon is organised as part of International IoT Days Rotterdam, the IoT event in Rotterdam that is linked to international IoT Day (April 9). Here we share the first outline. More details will follow the coming weeks.

The theme of this year's hackaton is: 'Stay in Charge!'. Most people have no idea what data flows in their house. With the addition of smart appliances this will even become more opaque. In the hackaton, we are going to explore how users of IoT objects can stay in charge of their own devices and the data they collect. We ask the teams to think and prototype what that looks like.

Teams will make use of Dowse, a free and open source software that puts back the IoT devices information flow into your control by offering an off/on button to control access to the internet, a transparent proxy to see what is going on, and a obfuscation layer that denies to your phone company access to your metadata. For the hackathon, we will make use of Dowse to visualize IoT network data. We challenge you to create the most interesting way to ‘feel’ and ‘control’ these data streams. From buttons to embodied experiences – you choose the best way for users to Stay in Charge!

Short description hackathon - The missing On-OFF button for IoT
Things like home appliances should have a clear behaviour humans can anderstaind and react upon and a simple switch to them off.

Dowse puts this switch back to any device in your LAN. AND MORE: keeps your private network private and lets you understand what is trying to talk witht what and be aware of misbehaviours.

If necessary Dowse can mute things as well: it switches their access to internet off. Dowse is a open source project. Experts can look at is code. Is built to last and to be used by anyone because is a community project. AND IS FUN Dowse talks back to your devices. In open standards: MQTT, Websockets, Open Sound Control. So many types of Internet connected things can treasure the messages that Dowse publishes, to turn them into action.Is a good start for artists, hobbyists and makers to create amazing network- aware effects , visualisations and interfaces. We try to help a community of dowsers to explore this possibility. Check our web pages and share your dowse projects with us. 

The hackathon will take place on monday April 8 (18.30-21.15hrs - kick-off) and April 9 (09.30-17.45hrs) and is located at Het Nieuwe Instituut. At the kick-off on monday the hackathon is introduced in a workshop, teams are formed and there is time to brainstorm. On Tuesday 9 April (09.00-17.45h) you will be working all day at Het Nieuwe Instituut with a multidisciplinary team on an inspiring case (hackathon). You can participate individually and as a group. When you sign up as a group, please note that al participants needs to register via de applicationform on the website. 

ThingsCon is invited as co-organiser of the hackathon.


Op maandag 8 en dinsdag 9 april wordt tevens de hackathon 'Stay in Charge!' georganiseerd waaraan studenten én professionals kunnen deelnemen. De aftrap van de hackathon vindt plaats op maandagavond 8 april (18.30-21.15u). Die avond wordt de hackathon geïntroduceerd met een workshop, worden teams gevormd en is er tijd om te brainstormen. Dinsdag 9 april (09.00-17.45u) werk je in Het Nieuwe Instituut de hele dag met een multidisciplinair team aan een inspirerende case. Je kunt jezelf opgeven als individu, maar ook als groep. Wanneer je je als groep aanmeldt, zorg er dan wel voor dat alle leden zich registreren via de aanmeldsite.

Program hackathon Monday 8 April

18.30-19.00hrs | Welcome @ Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25

19.00-19.30hrs | Introduction by Federico Bonelli

19.30-19.45hrs | making teams and brainstorm

19.45-21.15hrs | Introduction hackathon 'Stay in Charge' and workshop

Program hackathon Tuesday 9 April

09.00-09.30hrs | Welcome @ Het Nieuwe Instituut, Museumpark 25

09.30-12.00hrs | Hackathon 'Stay in Charge'

12.00-13.00hrs | Lunch

13.00-16.15hrs | Hackathon 'Stay in Charge'

16.15-16.30hrs | Break

16.30-17.00hrs | Pitches Hackathon 'Stay in Charge'

17.00-17.30hrs | Keynote Denis 'Jaromil' Rojo

17.30-17.45hrs | Award ceremony hackathon

17.45-19.00hrs | Networking reception

You can always continue working during breaks or lunch. 

Jury and prizes
For the best team we will have a nice prize worth about 1000 euros, a second prize worth 500 euros and a third price worth 250 euros, to be appointed by the judges: Mortaza Shoae Bargh, lector Creating 010, Pieter Diepenmaat, Designer and board member ThingsCon and Maaike Harbers, lector Creating 010. 

Coaches will be Frederico Bonelli from foundation and Iskander Smit from ThingsCon. Other coaches will be annouced later. 

Iskander Smit 

Iskander Smit is working as innovation director at agency in Amsterdam, that crafts connected digital products and services. Iskander is responsible for research and development and leading
In 2014 he initiated and co-organised the Amsterdam edition of Berlin conference ThingsCon, a leading conference on the design of the internet of things that has the mission to foster the creation of a responsible and human-centric Internet of Things. Since 2017 Iskander is chairman of the foundation ThingsCon Amsterdam.
Next to this, Iskander started in April 2017 as a visiting professor at TU Delft Industrial Design Engineering, at the Connected Everyday Lab, where he will be setting up a new research program into citizen led and thing centered air purifying cities scapes.


Federico Bonelli  

Federico's main expertise is "creative research", a term without boundaries. He has a far away background as philosopher: studied science, history of mathematics and art. And actually he is the "Chief Magical Offer" of the foundation. He likes to cultivate his practical skills along with his major interests and have experiences in different field of media research and creation. Involved with multi-transmedia and other types of unconventional projects in the digital sphere since youth, professionally since 1995. has experience in dramaturgy, and creative production, worked with dance theatre and film productions, form low-budget filmmaking to opera. 


About the organizers

International IoT Days Rotterdam has been organised since 2013 by Research Centre Creating 010 of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences as part of the research programme Smart & Inclusive Society. IoT Days Rotterdam aims for creating awareness of the impact of IoT on people and society among educators, researchers, students and professionals in the fields of ICT and creative technologies.

ThingsCon is the conference started in Berlin and organised since 2014 each year in Amsterdam for the makers and designers of Internet of Things, and aims to foster the creation of a responsible and human-centric IoT. Next to the yearly conference ThingsCon organises themed Salons all across the country and is involved in community initiatives like IoT certification mark.

Dyne foundation is a non-profit free software foundry with more than 15 years of expertise in developing tools and narratives for community empowerment. Code is their literature: they build media architectures to communicate, interact and inspire each other. Their research is engaged and our code is open source. They welcome donations and cooperation proposals to work on projects that can benefit democratic societies and the natural environment.