27 november 2017

The IEEE Photonics Society Benelux Chapter invites you to the 2nd IEEE Women in Photonics event, which will take place on the 27th of November at Technical University of Delft at 16:30h, just before the 22nd  Annual IEEE Photonics Benelux Chapter Symposium. You can find more information about the event here: WiP_17.pdf.

17.30 18.30 Registration
18.30 18.45 Welcome (Senaatszaal)
18.45 19.30

Photonic technologies for image-guided therapy

Dr. Eduardo Margallo
President & COO Medlumics


19.30 20.15

Development of standardised photonic packaging technologies for integrated photonics

Dr. Padraic Edward Morrissey
Photonics Packaging Group
Tyndall National Institute, Cork, Ireland

20.15 21.45

Poster session (odd numbers) + walking dinner (Foyer)

28 november 2017

08.30 09.00 Registration
09.00 09.45

Femtosecond laser-based technology for long distance measurements

Dr. Nandini Bhattacharya
Department of Imaging Physics
Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

09.45 10.30

Optical characterization of turbid media

Dr. Wouter Saeys
Mechatronics, biostatistics, and sensors (MeBioS) group  KU Leuven, Belgium

10.30 11.00 Coffee break (Foyer)
11.00 12.00 Oral Presentations session I
  Session:  Waveguides & fibers
Location:  van Hasseltzaal
Chair: Prof. Marc. Wuilpart
Session: Photonic sensing 1
Location: Senaatszaal            
Chair: Prof. Paddy French
11.00 Air bottom-cladding for low loss polymer-based InP waveguide optical coupling, I. A. Cooman, TU/e

Study of polymeric microring biosensors, Y. Liang, Ghent University

11.15 New sensing scheme in a microresonator-waveguide system using multiple critical coupling, Nirmalendu Acharyya, ULB

Optimization of InP-based photodetectors fabricated with generic photonic integration technology, M. Verhage, TU/e

11.30 Multiple-waveguide trapping device: a 3D FDTD simulation study, G. Loozen, TUD Experimental analysis of polarization rotation sensitivity to temperature in commercial Faraday rotators, A. Miazin, University of Mons
11.45 Laboratory evaluation of a phase-OTDR setup for railway monitoring applications, J. Jason, University of Mons A nanomechnical photonic crystal displacement sensor on a fiber tip, K. Hakkel, TU/e
12.00 13.30 Poster session (even numbers) + walking lunch (Foyer)
13.30 14.30 Oral Presentations session II
  Session: Lasers & optical systems
Location: van Hasseltzaal
Chair: Dr. Peter Harmsma
Session: Photonic sensing 2
Location: Senaatszaal            
Chair: Dr. Jaap Caro
13.30 Dual-mode semiconductor lasers in reservoir computing, K. Harkhoe, VUB Spatially-resolved measurement of supercontinuum generation along highly nonlinear optical fibers with a 10-cm spatial resolution, R.G. Hontinfinde, University of Mons
13.45 Towards high modulation bandwdith using two-section InP-on-Si DFB laser diodes, M. Shahin, Ghent University Towards fully integrated, low cost optical coherence tomography system, A. Jovic, TUD
14.00 High alignment accuracy transfer printing of Si coupons for heterogeneously integrated PICs, G. Muliuk, Ghent University Electromagnetic energy harvesting using nonlinear metasurfaces, O. G. Tekam, VUB, Brussels
14.15 Effect of amplitude modulation and non-linearity in phase modulators on a unidirectional phase modulator, T. van Schaijk, TU/e Remote monitoring heart and respiration rates using structured light and multi band camera, P. Garbat, TT Warzaw
14.30 15.00 Coffee break (Foyer)
15.00 16.15 Oral Presentations session III

Session: Integrated photonics
Location: van Hasseltzaal
Chair: Dr. Patty Stabile

Session Title: Resonators
Location: Senaatszaal            
Chair: Ir. Lun Cheng
15.00 High-power traveling wave photodetector in silicon photonics with monolithically integrated optical power splitter, L. Bogaert, Ghent University Engineered reflections in Si ring resonator: a new degree of freedom for design, A. Li, Ghent University
15.15 Optimized focusing sub-wavelength TM and TE grating couplers in IMOS platform, A. A. Kashi, TU/e E-WDM: wavelength switching in hybrid networks without wavelength selective switches, G. Guelbenzu, TU/e
15.30 Flexible hybrid integration of photonic and electronic chips using aerosol-jet printing, A. Elmogi, Ghent University MZI based interrogation of a ring-resonator ultrasound sensor, F. G. Peternella, TUD
15.45 Electro-optic beam steering enhancement by etching a cylindrical facet within an InP photonic integrated circuit, S. Cardarelli, TU/e 48x10 Gbps cost-effective fpc based in-board optical receiver with commercial PGA connector, T. Li, TU/e
16.00 Towards a fully integrated InP membrane photonics platform on Si, J. van Engelen, TU/e Integrated tunable ring resonator for the InP membrane on silicon platform,  V. Pogoretskiy, TU/e
16.15 16.45 Closing ceremony with poster award (Foyer)


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