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IRPdelft 2014

On this page you can show your interest in IRPdelft 2014 (see register) and/or make your final application for the selection procedure. You will be asked to supply your resume, TU Delft gradelist and a motivation letter.

During the selection, our goal is to compose a multidisciplinary team. We are looking for students with different masters studies, backgrounds and personalities. We expect a student to be ambitious, experienced, professional, creative in solving problems and internationally oriented.

So if you are looking for an ultimate challenging addition to you master studies and you find yourself in the description above, start your registration today! We are very much looking forward to receive your application.

Use the menu on the left to register. The deadline for the final application is November 1st.

For problems and/or questions during the application, send an e-mail to bestuur@irpdelft.nl.

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IRPdelft 2014