Please carefully read all the information on this page. Through this format, you can apply for IRP Delft 2020. Your application is complete after registering and adding all the required documents. It is possible to register now and finalize your application later by adding your documents. You can always change your application. Make sure you have registered and uploaded all the required documents before Sunday 23:59 October 27th 2019. 

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After accepting our terms you can add your application documents in order to complete your application. Until the 27th of October, it is possible to change your application. All fields below are mandatory for the application procedure. Application deadline: Sunday 27th October 23:59 

Please note that your application will be sent anonymously to a renowned consulting firm, that helps us with the selection process. Therefore we need your CV in an anonymous and non-anonymous version. Please note that if you are being selected for IRP Delft 2020, your contact details and (non-anonymous) resume will be sent to the selection partner. This year the selection partner will be Bain & Company. Before November 11th you will be informed if you are invited to the interview round. 

Make sure to upload all the mandatory items at once, so if you change one of the items be sure to also upload the others again. If not, they will be deleted and your application will be invalid. The application documents are split in two: filling in a motivation questionnaire and uploading several PDF files. 

  1. The motivation questionnaire should be filled in the designated answer fields.  
  2. All documents uploaded should be in PDF format.

    Anonymous means no personal details such as your name, telephone, address, date of birth or e-mail.

1. Motivation Questionnaire

For IRP Delft 2020, we value your personal qualities and interests. To kick start the selection process, we invite you to provide input on a couple of topics that are related to IRP Delft. This is an opportunity to involve us in some of your thoughts and considerations on why you are motivated to participate in IRP Delft. We look forward to reading your answers. 

2. Requested PDF documents

3. Next steps

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