Welcome to the EU EIP ITS Forum 2018

Traffic Management in a changing world
Digitalization, Multimodality, Smart Infrastructures

Come and join in the Discussion!

14 & 15 November 2018
LEF Future Center -  Utrecht, The Netherlands

Traditional traffic management in transition

New technologies such as connected, cooperative and automated driving and floating car data will drastically change the world of traffic management. Traditional ITS will increasingly be complemented by C-ITS and other new technologies, allowing new travel services to emerge. And with larger cities and more complex, busier networks, road authorities need to collaborate with industry and knowledge partners. In other words, traditional traffic management and roles are changing.

Facing challenges together
Interested to share experiences, exchange knowledge and best practices among European colleagues? Eager to contribute to shaping the future of road traffic management? Then come and join the ITS Forum 2018 in Utrecht coming November. The 2-day event will focus on Road Traffic Management and its current challenges and will be organized in cooperation with the European Commission as well as the five European ITS corridor projects: Arc Atlantique, Crocodile, MedTIS, Next-ITS and Ursa Major Neo.

In Utrecht policy-makers and leading industry experts will share their ideas on strategies, policies and ways on how to apply trends and developments in the world of traffic management.

If your company/organization is involved in road traffic management, then the ITS Forum is a not to be missed event. Take the opportunity to join in this discussion, share your knowledge, create new opportunities and make important steps in European policy development together.

LEF Future Center creates breakthroughs

Step together in the future of Traffic Management by experiencing the innovative setting of the LEF Future Centre. LEF Future Center is the primary organisation within Rijkswaterstaat that is specialised in fostering new patterns of thought and forcing breakthroughs. LEF Future Center

offers a wide variety of diverse working environments and professional guidance. A session at LEF is like nothing else you have experienced before. The different settings and work forms allow people to think differently about changes and often creates new opportunities. Above that, this way of working will guarantee a high level of interaction from which all attendees can benefit.

For Whom
The ITS Forum 2018 invites all public and private parties involved in road traffic management and ITS to join the discussion, being them traffic managers, representatives from the automotive sector, IT providers, service providers, etc.

Programme Highlights
Focus of the Forum will be on Traffic Management and its current challenges. Challenges such as the digitalisation of transport, multimodal transport, public-private cooperation, cross-border testing, connected and automated driving as well as the ITS roadmap for tomorrow’s transport system. The Forum will look at proven and emerging technologies which will have an impact on traffic management.

Above mentioned themes will be discussed in the following sessions and workshops:

•     Trends and developments in automation in traffic management and traffic centres
•     Evaluation, impacts and results of ITS
•     What will happen on the road network with automated vehicles
•     C-ITS deployment support for traffic managers
•     Best practices in Traffic Management, Traffic Information Services and Freight & Logistics
•     New technology to change traditional traffic management and creating services
•     The potential of data to improve traffic management

Delegates are also encouraged to discuss on how the CEF ITS programme can optimize the Core Corridors.

Join the Forum and register today!
The ITS Forum 2018 will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands, at the Rijkswaterstaat LEF Future Center, on Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 November 2018. The event starts at 11.00h on November 14 and ends at 15.00h the next day and is followed by a technical visit to the Galileo Reference Centre. The registration fee is 250 € and includes a network dinner on the first day.
More detailed information can be found on this website. To immediately register, click here.




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