Peter Conradie 
Peter is an alumnus of CMD Rotterdam. He now is a researcher and PhD candidate at the Department of Industrial System and Product Design, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Ghent University. His re- search interests are the involvement of extreme users in new product innovation, methods for co-design and innovation management. He has previously been involved in the Rotterdam Open Data initiative and has also participated in research at the Design Research Lab in Berlin. For more information, visit

Wouter Verweider
Wouter is a faculty member of the Technical University of West-Flanders (HOWEST), where he teaches multi- media and web development. He is also the owner of a company called 'Happy Banana', where he works on web projects, mobile apps & interactive installations. He is currently working on the Devine (Digital Design and Development) curriculum, a three-year creative bachelor course combining front- end development with design. In his classes students learn the basics of programming and advance to larger, experimental projects. Hands-on experience is very important and his students are presented with a lot of practical lab sessions as well as real world projects. 

Geoffrey Dhuyvetters
Geoffrey is a lecturer and International coordinator at (Howest, Kortrijk). Geoffrey has a large interest in (web) technology, music, art, cycling and (indie) games.    




Jara Rocha 
Rocha is a cultural mediator, developing projects at the intersection of digital humanities, free culture and design. Her main research questions have to do with the materialities of present cultures, and are con- ceived through two fundamental gestures: critical thin- king and speculative doing. She started the Gender and Technology group at Medialab-Prado and curated the project 404: School Not Found at Intermediate, both based in Madrid. She is a core member of GReDiTS/ Objetologías research group at Bau School of Design in Barcelona, where she has lived and taught since 2013. 

Raul Martinez
Raul is a design professional with years of experience working in Mexico, Canada and the Netherlands. He currently teaches design at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, stimulating students to become Reflective Practitioners in design. So they can contribute to society and their field of work in a conscious, meaningful way.



Da Wang
The Emotive Architect and founder of DAMOTION Architecture Design. During the last ​9​ years of practice, her works have been crossing eastern and western culture, as well crossing the field from architecture design to ​theme park​ design and food design. One significant signature of all those works is the focus on 'Motion Experience'. Thinking from the the perception of the users, has always been her first step to take in design. 



Nannette Ripmeester 
Nannette is director of Expertise in Labour Mobility ( She has extensive knowledge on what makes graduates internationally employable by working with corporate clients and higher education institutions across the globe.
With her double sided knowledge on what makes people mobile, Nannette advises how to further increase the connection between recent graduates and their future job opportunities, in the form of workshops, lectures, publications and an educational gaming app ( Nannette combines her role for ELM with her work as Director Client Services Europe for 'i-graduate', a leading benchmarking organisation responsible for the International Student Barometer (ISB). With 2.5 million student responses, the ISB is the largest student survey in the world. Nannette has over 20 years of experience in advising employers, universities and governments on graduate mobility.

Saskia van Ruiten
I’m Saskia, 24 years old and in one week I will start my internship about the development of children in Rotterdam Zuid. I went together with 11 others students to Shanghai in October. An amazing experience, which I recommend to all of you! During my study Communication & Multimedia Design, I developed my skills on Design Research, Concepting and testing prototypes, what I like to do the most.



Liza Berseneva
In 2012 I graduated from Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam as an Interactive Media Designer and shortly after that I decided that I want to learn more about design and started the CMD course. For me design goes beyond only making things look beautiful. It’s about searching and digging deep into what people want and desire and use those insights to build meaningful products and services. Thanks to the Shanghai study trip I am now more open to look for future business opportunities not only in The Netherlands but all over the world. 


Mike den Hertog
During the past four years of CMD I have developed myself into an interaction designer and prototyper. Seeing my designs coming to life and becoming clickable is very important to me. I think that as a designer you can learn a lot by making prototypes of your own work, as well as experiencing and testing the designs yourself. I am also very curious to find out about new ideas, technologies and cultures. Working with designers from another culture during the project in Shanghai has really been a learning experience for me and made me determined to look for more opportunities abroad.


Jordi van Oord
Jordi is 24 years old and is also a fourth year student of CMD. He works as a junior digital art director at Scotch & Soda in Amsterdam. Next to that for years he and his friends used to lead their own street fashion brand GuyVernes. He uses films as a primary source of inspiration for his work. During his internship as an interactive designer in Berlin at Acne Production he mainly focused on digital productions for clothing brands such as Diesel, Adidas Y-3 and Acne Studios. He also worked on many physical projects, such as building a GIF-booth and 3D projection mapping at the Berlin Light Festival.