Thinking Radically, Involving Lead Users for a Smarter City | Peter Conradie 
How can we involve the right people to ensure a more efficient, smarter and friendly city? This workshop will introduce an alternative approach to finding users to involve for innovation, introducing topics such as radical and incremental innovation, lead user involvement, and user-led innovation. After a discussion, we will put some of the introduced principles into practice, focussing on Smart City innovation. 


Are you wondering what else is there beyond the browser? | Wouter Verweider & Geoffrey Dhuyvetters
Join this workshop to learn how you can interact with sensors, electronics and data from social networks using arduino boards. Before the workshop you have to download the arduino software:

Towards Circulair Economy in Smart Cities | Jara Rocha & Raul Martinez
How can we create awareness for the Circulair Economy for the younger generation of Millenials? After a short introduction in the Why, the Who and the What of the Circulair Economy, you will design an Info Graphic or a short video, based on research insights. 


Food for Thought | Da Wang
Water is the only one component that any food has in common. One never can live without it. If you want to connect people, the society or the city by using water experience. What would you do?


Employability - understanding cultural differences | Nannette Ripmeester
'Jobs and careers do no longer stop at national borders, but to get a career abroad you have to know how to apply for it.'

Looking for work around the Globe workshop:
What’s required to get hired internationally? This workshop is aimed at students who are keen on an international career (in a smart city). Participants will gain an understanding of the role cultural differences play in CV writing and how to prepare for an international application. What are employers looking for in different countries, which application methods work best, what skill sets make employers tick, what to mention in your CV - whether it is for a job in Shanghai, Stockholm or Sydney.

What is it like to work with Chinese students in Shanghai? | Saskia van Ruiten, Liza Berseneva & Mike den Hertog
Saskia, Liza and Mike will share their experiences. In the workshop you will come up with ideas for Smart Parenting in China. In China, a newborn/infants/toddler, is the center of a family. Parents and even grandparents would like to invest as much as effort as possible to ensure their babies’ healthy development.
How can you ease the burden of the Chinese parents?


Want to know Berlin? | Jordi van Oord 
Jordi will tell you all about Berlin and will encourage you to work on a case about Berlin which will give you a lot of information about this city.