Wednesday 10 February  

13.30 hrs     Kick off Design Challenge

14.30 hrs     Thematical Briefings

Design Challenge untill 23.00 hrs @ CMI, Wijnhaven 99-107


Foodlab will be open untill 23.00 hrs with a special menu!


Thursday 11 February

08.30 - 15.30 hrs     Design Challenge

15.30 - 16.30 hrs     Presentations Design Challenge


What are we looking for?

An innovative smart object for a Sustainable Urban Delta


Value creation

Value creation for one of the following domains: Circular Economy, Health, Civic/Urban Interaction Design


Smart cities – Sustainable Urban Delta

A design solution for one of the following cities: London, Venice, Copenhagen, Shanghai, Barcelona, Hong Kong, New York and Jakarta



Mark Hartevelt
Mark Hartevelt is a Health Innovation Consultant with a focus on e-Health. Until recently, he acquired innovation expertise as Senior Director at Philips Design, driving the innovation and design of Philips’ product portfolio. Mark holds an MSc in Cognitive Psychology and is currently finishing his MBA at Tilburg University.
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Philippe Raets
Philippe Raets is city manager of the Rotterdam City Government. He has a long experience in public service and is fascinated by innovation in the public domain. As city manager he is highly involved in preparing the city of Rotterdam for the next century.

Richard van Gemert
Richard van Gemert is Managing Partner Driven by Values. He works as a business developer & transition manager in the Circular Economy, specialized in energy transition.
He studied at the Technical University Delft and obtained an MBA at Tias Nimbas. He is currently working on his dissertation. Richard will co-present with his colleague Wouter IJzermans.

Teun Guijt /Erika Koehler
Teun Guijt and Erika Koehler are project leaders for the Innovation Expo in Amsterdam on April 14th, where the Netherlands will present their innovative strengths to the other EU countries.
This year the organization invited creative minds to show their abilities, by doing so they established a broad and deep inside of the innovative power in the Netherlands.

Marten Klein
Marten Klein is director innovation and development of the City Amsterdam engineering. The engineering bureau is responsible for the physical infrastructure of Amsterdam and therefore amongst others highly involved in themes like sustainability and Smart Cities.

Leon Klinkers
Leon Klinkers is programme manager within the Dutch National Government. He works on establishing a more innovative, learning governmment in a numerous of fields like government, sustainable development, design and media. He strives for more joy and playfulness in the civil service in order to generate public value.


Frank Bosboom
Frank Bosboom is innovator, change agent and social entrepreneur active in the fields of city development, health transformation and experiential learning. Finding new ways and inspiration by using the creative power of groups fascinates him.