International Week 2016 | Communication Studies

International Week 2016 | Communication Studies

Global vs local communication: what is the best option? | Cecilia Brassier-Rodrigues
This lecture is intended to make students understand what communicating globally or locally means for a firm. By answering three simple questions, they will be able to analyse the two presented options and to choose the best one. The concept of culture will be introduced as an individual element but also as a contextual one. This is a lecture/discussion class with strong emphasis on student involvement.  The session will include exercises to put in practice all the theoretical concepts.

Working in PR…What they don’t teach you at uni! | Elize Brolsma
How can you improve your chances of getting a job/internship in the PR industry? What are the most important things to know and do once you’ve got the job/internship? This practical workshop will give you important tips about the interview process (e.g. tips for your CV & Motivation Letter, do’s and don’ts during an interview, where and how to look for jobs/internships). You will also learn how to make yourself stand out from the masses once you’ve got the job (e.g. important questions to ask, how to exceed expectations). During this course you will also work on a practical assignment that comes straight from the workplace.

Identity Gridlock in Global Contexts | Greg De Blasio

1. Identity and brand perception

  • Identity and image
  • Putting identity to work
    • Strategic approaches and alignment
    • Challenges and resistance

2. Communication deliverables—story telling

  • Planning and strategy development
  • Legacy media: features and blogs
  • Video
  • Social media: sticky and spreadable

3. Thinking and writing in global contexts

  • News releases and websites as anchors
  • Headlines, body copy, and web copy
  • Crafting a winning argument
  • Globish and English
  • Conversion

4. Case study and workshop activities

  • Create and defend an identity in two given contexts
    • Why will it succeed globally?
    • What communication barriers exist?
  • Evaluate strategic and creative approaches

Intercultural Communication in Practice | Maaike Wachters
During the workshop we will discuss common cultural differences around the world and practice intercultural communication through several exercises. Students will become aware of their own cultural background and how they view the world. They will also learn about different cultural perspectives and how this influences communication. We will practice how to communicate with people from a different cultural background and what to look out for when working together with different nationalities. 

How to make online branded content famous | Valdemar Domingos
The line between TV broadcasting and online videos is blurring. Marketers are wondering why to spend millions on TV advertising while they can upload their ads onto YouTube for free. Of course it doesn’t really work like that. Although some videos might receive millions of viewers organically, it is not a guarantee to reach your audience in the same way a TV ad can deliver. Online content requires a very different strategy which we’ll discuss at this course. At the end of the workshop participants will also get the opportunity to create an idea for an online branded film based on an existing brief. 

To be announced | Joanne Hooker
Keywords: cross-cultural management, intercultural awareness, employability, international business.