International Week 2017 | Communication Studies

International Week 2017 | Communication Studies

Georges Bloemen

Your Attention Please!
Crash Course Presentation/Pitch Training Course

Proficient presentations require perfect preparation - and the appropriate adaptation to target audiences. Information transfer can only be effective when the message is understood, remembered and utterly credible. The training follows all phases of any given presentation: collection of content and structuring of materials, preparation of the presentation on itself and the organization of the auditorium. In addition to verbal and non-verbal presentation skills, the course also focuses on the appearance of texts and images to be used during the presentation.

Shop in the shop: elevator pitch How do you sell your idea in a few minutes? How do you convince decision makers of your new project? How to make people go along with your story? Learn how to make a successful elevator pitch and how you can convey it in a convincing way. The elevator pitch is an essential asset in networking and is a useful tool in establishing fruitful contacts with prospects. With a powerful and impactful elevator pitch you will make a lasting impression and increase your chances of success.

Eva Moeraert

How to podcast?
Inspirational session in which we listen to podcasts from around the world. Practical tips and tricks about how to start a podcast.

Jane Gamble

Cross-cultural management

How can we develop the skills we need to succeed in the global environment of business?  An increasingly diverse workforce requires a keen awareness of cultural influences, and the development of cross-cultural management competence amongst individuals and organisations is vital for success.
This workshop examines the key influences of culture in organisations in areas such as structures, leadership, strategy, ethics and the management of change. The important role of communication in and between cultures is also explored, including negotiating, working with international teams, and understanding and reconciling conflicts.

Valdemar Domingos

How to make online branded content go viral

The line between TV broadcasting and online videos is blurring. Marketers are wondering why to spend millions on TV advertising while they can upload their ads onto Facebook for free. The truth is, it doesn’t really work that way. Although some videos might receive millions of views with very little media spend behind it, it is not a guarantee to reach your audience in the same way a TV ad can deliver. Online content requires a very different strategic approach.

During this course we’ll answer the following questions: Do brands still need TV advertising in 5 years time? What is a viral and how can you make online branded content famous?

During the workshop participants will also get the opportunity to create an idea for an online branded film based on an existing case study.

Elize Brolsma

Getting a job in the communication industry – what they don’t teach you at uni!

One of the topics Elize felt was missing during her study communication was: ‘how to get a job after you graduate’. The goal of this workshop is to give you crucial tips & tricks to help you get your first job after you finish school - these tips will also be helpful when you are looking for a communication internship. During this workshop she will also discuss the importance of LinkedIn and help you either set up or improve your LinkedIn profile.

Audrey Kabla

Brands in the luxury field

  •  What is Luxury? What can be called Luxury?
  •  The importance of Brands in Luxury. History & dreams
  •  The ingredients of Luxury brands: How are Luxury brands built to be timeless?