International Week 2017 | Software and Computer Engineering

International Week 2017 | Software and Computer Engineering

Building intelligent messaging Bots
by Jesse van Leth

In this workshop we’ll give an introduction to building intelligent messaging Bots that can handle everyday tasks. We’ll go over the current trends that we’re seeing, possible use scenarios for messaging bots, and the reasons why they might be interesting for individual developers, startups as well as larger organizations over more traditional (mobile) apps. We’ll also dive deeper in the technical details of how you can actually build such a bot step-by-step and get up and running in a very small timeframe.

Strategic quality of service design for internet & cloud applications
by Yvan Rooseleer

The most expensive bandwidth in the enterprise is in the WAN; as such, it should be fully optimized to deliver maximum ROI. This session focuses on how to deliver such optimization by deploying Application Visibility and Control (AVC) and Quality of Service (QoS). Best practice QoS design recommendations will be reviewed. Practical and detailed design configurations will be presented. Additionally, new AVC/QoS technologies, such as Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR2) QoS attributes and adaptive QoS policies will be introduced.

The materials will be presented in an interactive way.

Participants should be aware of existing internet and cloud applications

Innovation Design
by Osama Osarumen

Come explore what defines and determine Innovation in history, current trends and future paths.  

How do you create a strategy for guaranteeing that innovation creativity flourishes?

When innovation design principles are applied to strategy; the success rate for dramatically improves. Innovative Design-led companies such as Apple, GE, Coca-Cola, IBM, Nike, & others have outperformed the S&P 500 over the past 10 years by an extraordinary measures according to a 2014 assessment by the Design Management Institute.

Innovation design brings that “wow” factor that makes products more desirable and services more appealing to users. 

Pitch Styling
by Osama Osarumen

At your next job interview, you are asked to present yourself in 3mins, What will you say? How will you pitch yourself? 

How about presenting your project? How do you open and close the presentation?

Pitching is the art of convincing your audience through a short speech. Everyone can learn to give winning pitches. ​

Come cultivate your communication skills and present your unique story.

Introduction to Apache Spark
by Salim Nahle

Introduction to Apache SPARK, the emerging Big Data Framework. In this lecture, you will learn Spark fundamentals:

-          RDDs and Data Frames

-          Actions and Transformations

-          Lineage Graph

In the practical part, the focus will be on text analysis by applying some maps and reduces.


-          Fundamental programming skills are required

-          Some python and database knowledge is a real plus

-          Come with your personal computers and install Spark prior to the lecture. Alternatively, you can create an account on databricks.

Machine Learning with Spark
by Salim Nahle

Spark  is an emerging Big Data Framework. It’s in-memory processing has quickly rendered it a very powerful solution for iterative processing and especially machine learning.

In this lecture, Spark fundamentals will be shortly explained. The focus then will be on the 2 main Spark APIs used for machine learning: ML and MLLIB.

In the practical part, some machine learning algorithms will be tested: linear regression, logistic regression and decision trees.


-          Fundamental programming skills are required

-          Some python and database knowledge is a real plus

-          Having attended the first lecture is recommended.

-          Come with your personal computers and install Spark prior to the lecture. Alternatively, you can create an account on databricks.

Fetch API  within ES6 explained
by Arne van Raepenbush 

Making asynchronous http requests used to be a hassle until jQuery shipped a generic $.ajax function. Now every major framework has a way to perform these requests (for example $http in angular), but native JavaScript was still lacking this essential functionality. With ES6, the fetch API will become available to fill this gap. This standard will make sure there is a uniform way to handle asynchronous requests in the JavaScript landscape. In this workshop we will take a closer look at a fetch-api implementation in NodeJS.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution
by Ben van Lier

As an individual, organization and society we undergo a technological revolution.  Our postmodern society is increasingly based on people, organizations and objects that are linked in networks. These networks allow us to make new interconnections and exchange and share information between random people, organizations and objects, regardless of time and space. Also the worldwide industry cannot escape from these developments. As a consequence of this, terms like industrial internet, advanced manufacturing, smart industries and cyber-physical systems become more usual. This fourth industrial revolution as the World Economic Forum appoints this development, forms a new challenge for companies and organizations and also a necessity to reinvent their (production) processes. Living, housing, working, producing and creating in networks requires a fundamental change in the perspectives with which we live, organize and produce.

Modern application development using GIT and GITHub
by Joe Appleton

There's no getting away from it, it's 2017 and you need to learn version control. 

This 2-hour session will begin by introducing version control using GIT and GITHub. Students will then undertake a practical where they'll publish work to GitHub. 

Data Science in the world of Big Data
by Cedric Mesnage

Data Science is a growing field which aims at making scientific discoveries using data. It spans over multiple fields : database management, statistics, data mining, information visualisation, artificial intelligence and deep learning. This lecture introduces these topics and looks at real world examples. During the hands-on session we will use Orange3 a tool which enables using powerful algorithms and manipulate data with simple visual programming.

Living Well in a Data-driven, Algorithmic World
by Barry Devlin

For years, we’ve been saying: “If only we had more data, more technology, the world would be a better place.” In many ways, it has become true. Smartphones, smart cars, smart cities have all contributed to increased convenience, productivity, and improvements in many areas of life and business.

But another side is emerging. Information has become so pervasive and algorithms so intelligent that they are undermining the very foundations of work, management, business, the economy and, indeed, society. In this provocative talk, Dr. Barry Devlin, a founding father of data warehousing, steps beyond the myth that technology will solve all problems and explores some of the enormous challenges that all-inclusive information and ever more powerful artificial intelligence are creating.

Posing many questions and offering some unexpected answers, this talk invites today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders to take responsibility for the brave new world we are creating together.

Cyber Security in Finland
by Karo Saharinen and Jari Hautamäki

JAMK University of Applied Sciences plays a prominent part in the education in and research of Cyber Security. During this lecture it will be explained how JAMK is involved in Research & Development and what study opportunities they offer including:

-          Cyber Trust

-          Internet of Things

-          Jyväskylä Security Technology (JYVSECTEC)


RGCE – Realistic Global Cyber Environment (of JAMK University of Applied Sciences)

-          Cyber Security Exercises

o   White Team, Read Team, Blue Team

-          as a Research & Development platform

-          Demo cases (if suitable connection available for VPN to Finland/our environment)


Cyber Security Strategy of Finland

-          Degree programme in Cyber Security @ JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland

o   Bachelor’s Degree

o   Master’s Degree