International Week 2017 | Software and Computer Engineering

International Week 2017 | Software and Computer Engineering

Jesse van Leth

Partner Business Evangelist and Technical Evangelist at Microsoft.

On a temporary assignment as Partner Business Evangelist within the Developer Experience team at Microsoft. Supporting partners, startups and independent software vendors in their digital transformation and helping them to use the latest technologies to grow their businesses.

Working within the Developer Experience team to inspire developers to use the latest technologies and help them become successful with it. Main focus on developers that build tools that will make our lives more productive: Integrating in existing tools (Office 365 integration), building bots (Microsoft Bot Framework), automating tasks (Microsoft Flow), making our apps more intelligent (Cognitive Services), etc.


Yvan Rooseleer

Head of Degree Programme Applied Informatics at Odisee University College, Brussels, Belgium - Co-Founder Belgian IT Academy Support Center BiASC




Prof. Dr. Ben van Lier

Professor Dr. Ben van Lier is Director Strategy & Innovation at Centric, a Dutch ICT company with offices in Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Romania. In this capacity, he focuses on researching and analyzing developments in the interface between organizations and technology. Alongside his work at Centric, in 2009 he obtained his PhD from the Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University), for which he conducted research into the development of hybridization of human with technology, interoperability of information and network centric thinking. In 2013, he was appointed Professor at Steinbeis University Berlin, a role he performs alongside his work at Centric and his ongoing research into areas such as systems and complexity theory, interoperability of information and the network centric approach and related concepts as for instance network centric warfare high frequency trading and blockchain/distributed computing. In 2015 he was also appointed Professor at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. In which role he will do research into the emerging Internet of things and advanced manufacturing.

Osama Osarumen

Odisee Brussel

I am working within the management division at Cisco, Brussels, Beldium responsible for connecting technological tools with business needs to realize the profitable value, with professionals experience in several roles, such as: 
Statistical Analysis
Data Mining
Data presentations
New Business Development 
Pitch Styling
Team Dynamics coaching
IoT Innovation design facilitator


Arne van Raepenbusch

iAdvise groep

Lead front-end developer in the full-stack development team.

I've been developing software ever since I remember and am passionate about product development. As a consultant I believe in creating a great product together and sharing my ideas, input, and feedback. I enjoy working together with people to push things forward.

As a scrum master / pm in my latest product development project, I invested heavily in group dynamic. It's the team that makes accomplishments, building a product is a group effort. As a heavy believer in the lean-startup principle, I try to find different ways to measure how your users are reacting on your product, trying to eliminate waste as much as possible.

Mr. Karo Saharinen (Senior Lecturer) 

Senior Lecturer at JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskilä, Finland

Teaching experience:
- Security and Service Management
- Implementation of Data Security (8 ECTS)
- Cyber Security (4 ECTS)
- Security Management in Cyber Domain (5 ECTS)

Research & Development + Innovation -projects I've participated:
- Cyber Trust,

Mr. Jari Hautamäki

Head of ICT programmes JAMK University of Applied Sciences, Jyväskilä, Finland




Salim Nahle

ECE Paris

Head of Information Systems, Cybersecurity and Big Data Department at ECE Paris, France




Cedric Mesnage

Southampton Solent University

Data Scientist expert and could discuss more advanced and fun topics in databases

Lecturer in Data Science – Computing at Southampton Solent University, United Kingdom

Unit leader of the level 6 Enterprise Data Modelling class in which we learn about the following topics :
- Big Data
- Musicbrainz and PostgreSQL
- Next Generation databases (MongoDB)
- Python and databases
- Data Science (Kmeans, Apriori, Linear Regression), using Orange3
- Deep Learning

And Unit Leader of the level 7 Data Mining and Analytics class in which they learn how to do research with Data Mining algorithms using Orange. And work on a real Breast Cancer Data case study with the Southampton University Hospital(UHS).


Barry Devlin

Dr. Barry Devlin is a founder of data warehousing, defining its first architecture in 1985. He is respected worldwide as a visionary on BI and big data, publishing the seminal book “Business unIntelligence” in 2013. With 30+ years’ IT experience in IBM and 9sight, he offers thought-leadership and consulting to BI and big data buyers and vendors, and speaks and writes on all aspects of information.

Joe Appleton

Lecturer in Software Engineering at Southampton Solent University, United Kingdom

Expertise in: software development, web development, software architecture and SQL