Study Abroad 13:00- 13:45 open for all

By: Saskia Best &Judith Hauke (International Coordination CMD/CMGT), Prof. Florian Boddin (HSD Düsseldorf) & Jordi Alvarez (Bau, Barcelona)
Time: 13:00-13:45 hrs
Location: 3rd floor WN 99/103, WN 03.017 + 03.022

This session is all about the opportunities to go and stay abroad for study. We will shortly brief you about the deadlines and the steps you have to take. Afterwards Prof. Florian Boddin and Jordi Alvarez will introduce their schools in Germany and Spain, both partners of our departments.







Workshops and Presentations 


Workshop Apply in English 

By: Marjolein van Zuilen-Meindersma, lecturer in English, Dutch and Intercultural Communication
Time: 14:00- 15:15 hrs
Location: 3rd floor WN 99/103, WN 03.017

About the workshop:

After taking this workshop on applying for a job in English, you will be able to:

  • Structure an application letter or email;
  • Explain your work experience in English;
  • Explain your skills and expertise, even if you do not have work experience yet in the field of CMD & CMGT
  • Describe your education in English;
  • Describe your language skills according to the CEFR framework;
  • Know which information is important for a future employer to know, and so important to include in your résumé.

International Practice, presentation by Rob Voets 

By: Rob Voets (Alumnus CMD)
Time: 14:00- 15:15 hrs
Location: 3rd floor WN 99/103, WN 03.007

About/ Bio:

Rob Voets, a London based Product & User Experience designer. Currently, he works at R/GA to design ground breaking services, products and experiences. In the last couple of years he has worked freelance for various agencies, such as Fantasy Interactive and worked as graduate intern at R/GA New York. While working at these agencies he has build up vast client experiences for clients such as Nike, Samsung, Victoria Secret, Youtube, HP, 23andme, Turkcell and McDonalds. Rob Voets graduated from CMD Rotterdam in 2014.

Check his portfolio at or

Workshop Asia CMD only access for CMD students

By: Akke van der Kamp, Dennis Bellel, Peter Los
Time: 14:00- 15:15 hrs
Location: 3rd floor WN 99/103, WN 03.022

About the workshop:

Ni hao! We are 4th year CMD students and just finished the minor ‘Designful Innovation for one billion people’. In this minor we learned to design for multiple cultures. In october of last year we had the pleasure to come along to Shanghai, where we did a project with students of the Donghua Universiy for Philips. We were being asked to frame and design the future of cooking in China. We were impressed by this experience and it had a big influence on us as a person and designer. We hope that we can provide you with all the information and insights you need about this once in a lifetime experience!

Workshop Asia CMGT only access for CMGT students

By: Silvia van Wingerden, Jordi Been
Time: 14:00- 15:15 hrs
Location: 3rd floor WN103, WD 03.005

About the workshop:

Silvia and Jordi are CMGT students who joined the exchange with the Donghua University last october. They worked together with the Chinese students on a Design Assignment  for Philips. About the workshop: QR- and barcodes are taking over China, in Europe they are barely being used. We are going to find out why. You are going to think of a prototype that makes use of, and adds value to the QR-code

Workshop English in Intercultural Communication

By: Jurgen van Raak
Time: 14:00- 14:45 hrs
Location: 3rd floor WN103,  WD 03.033

About the workshop:

English probably is the most commonly used language in international business. So, when a Finnish designer talks to his Chilean client, they probably choose English as their designated language. But how do they make sure that they don't just talk to each other but actually manage to understand each other?

This workshop takes you along the pitfalls you may encounter in intercultural communication where English is the logical language of choice. What should and shouldn't you do? Why is this difficult? Which mistakes were made by those who went before you? How do you make friends rather than enemies. All this, and more, will be revealed....

Presentations Internship & Study Abroad

All venues will take place simultaneously
Time:15:45-16:30 hrs
Location: 3rd floor WN 99/103

During the last half year several students went abroad to follow their internship elsewhere. They explored countries such as Germany, Panama, Sweden, Belgium, South-Africa, New Zealand and the VS. Get an idea of what it means to stay abroad, what do you have to take care about and/ or just listen to their stories.

Each presentation will give you insights on two different internships abroad.

South-Africa & Germany (Joost Lemm & Deborah Sjoukes)

Location: 3rd floor WN 99&103, WN 03.007

Joost Lemm (Cape Town - South Africa) - CMD
Joost worked as an intern for the South African based company Formula D. During his internship he worked on several projects in the field of experience & interaction design, interactive product design and exhibition design. 
Check his portfolio at





Deborah Sjoukes (Berlin - Germany) - CMD
Deborah went for her internship to Berlin. She got into a small agency called Sirup where she worked as an Interaction Designer on divers projects. 
Check her portfolio at




South-Africa & New Zealand (Maarten van Domburg & Lyanne van der Hoeven)

Location: 3rd floor WN 99&103, WN 03.017

Maarten van Domburg (Cape Town - South Africa)
I'm Maarten van Domburg studying CMD. Over the past months, I did an internship at in Cape Town. Cape Town is a place where you are quickly used and where you will be received with open arms. It is one of the best experiences and would also recommend it to everyone. During the internship, I learned what the school would not teach me otherwise. 
Check his portfolio at and/ or his blog at


Lyanne van der Hoeven (Auckland - New Zealand)
I did my internship in Auckland, New Zealand, at a bus tour company called Stray. I stayed there for four months, while doing little trips in the weekends, so I could see as much of the country as possible. I arranged my internship with the help from Stagereizen, who also helped me with things like accommodation, flight tickets and visa. 
Check her portfolio at and/or her instagram at lyodyssey


Belgium & Sweden (Justus de Bruin & Max Otten)

Location: 3rd floor WN 103, WN 03.022

Justus de Bruin (Antwerp - Belgium) - CMD
Justus did an intership at a Belgium start-up called Beeple in Antwerp, Belgium.         He worked as an UX/ UI Designer on an online commercial planningstool for companies. 
Check his portfolio at




Max Otten (Stockholm - Sweden) - CMD
The last months Max worked for a small company in Stockholm. A prominent city in the digital industry since many famous tech companies have their roots there. During his internship he worked on an online pay-system from scratch on.
Check his portfolio at



Panama & Germany (Matthijs Munter & Marciano Lansu)

Location: 3rd floor WN 103, WD 03.005

Matthijs Munter (Panama City - Panama) - CMD 
Hi there! I’m Matthijs and I did my internship in the country that is famous for its beautiful beaches, rainforest and rich culture and most of all the 'eight wonder of the world' - the canal, Panamá. Here I found an interesting internship at the Digital Department of TVN media, where he focused on i.a. interaction design, concept development and strategy. 
Check his portfolio at or his instagram at maatthijs


Marciano Lansu (Berlin - Germany) - CMD 
I’ve done my 3rd years internship in in the young & creative city of Berlin. I worked as Visual & Interaction Designer for the startup YEAY, a shopping app on which you can buy and sell everything with a video. Basically, it’s Snapchat meets eBay. In my presentation I will tell how I searched for an internship, why my internship at Spotify in New York was not possible and how I came to Berlin. Also I will tell my insights on what it’s like to work for a startup and how 32 employees can work for a company that hasn’t made money yet. 
Check his portfolio at and/or

Germany & Korea (Maarten Esser & Maggie Kuang)

Location: 3rd floor WN 103, WD 03.033

Maarten Esser (Berlin - Germany) - CMGT
Maarten worked the last month as an intern for Axel Springer SE, one of Europe's largest media companies. He will tell you what it means to work in the headquarter in Berlin and how a day as an CMGT intern looks like.




Maggie Kuang (Seoul - Korea) - CMD
Rediscover yourself in a cultural environment, a mix of old tradition and modern at one's place. In the lively city, Seoul, a city that never sleeps, there’s always something happening. It's up to your curiosity to find it out. Being an exchange student at Kookmin. Being an exchange student at Kookmin University for one semester was truly the most inspiring and experimental time for me in both personal and professional development. It’s up to you to get ready for this challenge.


United States of America (Arjo Bruines)

Location: 3rd floor WN 103, open space WD

Arjo Bruines ( Atlanta- USA) - CMGT
Atlanta Georgia, home of the Coca-Cola, CNN and the Walking Dead. But it also has been my home for the past five months interning at Check my Github account at: