Lorna Goulden

Lorna Goulden has spent over 20 years combining creativity and design thinking to promote a user value perspective in business innovation. She has worked across a wide range of industries from Smart City innovations in Eindhoven, Amsterdam and Barcelona to developing customer centric strategies and technology-impact innovations for companies such as ASML, Cisco, DAF-trucks, NXP, Philips, Reckitt Benckiser, Ziggo and Deutsche Telekom. She is the author of the award-winning vision Strijp-S: Creating a Public Lighting Experience and creative directed its implementation at an urban redevelopment in the city of Eindhoven. She then went on to develop a vision for Smart Strijp-S, which is currently guiding an iCity tender that has invited SME entrepreneurs and start-ups to develop innovative products and services that “use the power of the community and increase the quality of life”.

Lorna is the founder of the Eindhoven Internet of Things community, bringing together a diverse range of people interested in building, designing, sharing and making the Internet of Things. Running practical workshops, introducing inspiring practitioners and sharing a broad range of technical, design and social perspectives focused on increasing access and creating value with IoT. She also initiated a local The Things Network community, joining the global initiative that is building citywide community-owned LoraWAN Internet of Things data networks. “By bringing technical and creative talent, professionals and students, together with citizens we aim to discover and develop applications to create new urban and regional value.”

Lorna has written and spoken extensively about the Internet of Things and Smart Cities with a particular focus on the role of people and the impact on society as well as the increasingly important role of creativity in the 21st century. She more recently joined Cognizant as Lead Product Realization Director for Europe where she is responsible for building a team that is defining innovative and successful product, business and marketing strategies for Fortune 2000 clients.



Internet of Things: Smart Products, Smart Places but most of all Smart People http://bit.ly/2jvU8fA






Stijn Strous

Stijn Strous is managing director of IZER since 2016. IZER is a Cooperative association of 200 general practitioners (GP’s) in the Rotterdam area. IZER organizes and supports GP’s and nurses in monitoring and treating 41.000 patients with chronicle illnesses such as Diabetes type 2, COPD, asthma and Cardiovascular diseases. Stijn has a Master degree in International politics and a Master degree in Change Management. He worked in government & administration and for the last several years he was manager in a company providing Medical Diagnostics. Stijn has a great interest in e-health and smart-health that supports the treatment and behavioral change of patients in a positive way. 

David Oei

David Oei studied medicine at the Erasmus Medical Centre and has been general practitioner in Rotterdam for nearly 17 years. Together with 2 GP's he runs a family practice for approximately 4000 patients and he has been active as a board member or in advisory roles for several organizations in primary care. One of his most relevant roles has been as a board member of the Rotterdam Fonds Achterstandswijken, a foundation which support GP's in the deprived areas of Rotterdam. As for his own practice, it is located in Crooswijk which, in a national newspaper, has recently been described as the poorest neighbourhood in the Netherlands.