Workshops during the Design Challenge


During the Design Challenge on Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th of February, students will be able to participate in different workshops. The workshops will be held during the day, depending on the amount of subscribers. You can subscribe at the day itself.


#1 40/40/40

By: Florian Boddin, HSD Dusseldorf

Duration: 2 hrs

Location: Van (In front of the building)



Concept, shoot and edit your video in 40/40/40 minutes

#2 Smart Objects

By: David Boelee, CMD HR

Duration: 1,5 hrs

Location: StadsLab



Introduction in Arduino, sensors and electronics

#3 Intercultural Pictograms

By: Ulla Schirmbeck, CMD HR

Duration: 1,5 hrs

Location: to be announced



Develop pictograms that can be used to make

life and communication easier for people with an divers cultural background who have to live close to each other.

#4 How to pitch (AIDA)

By: Marjolein Zuilen-Meindersma, CMD HR

Duration: 45 minutes

Location: to be announced



Learn to pitch in 45 min  by the AIDA method.