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Middag sessie John Ramey

Dinsdag middag 22 april 13:00 uur sessie met John Ramey

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John Ramey

Disruptor entrepreneur at heart who loves "throwing stones at thrones." I have a knack for quickly understanding really complex problems and figuring out how to fix them with technology, messaging, people, and processes. I like to say I make crappy things suck less =)

I follow two principles as a Founder and human: 1) speak the truth, even if your voice shakes and 2) if your work doesn't make anyone mad, then you're not doing something worthy enough.

Built 3 successful businesses before I was 25. Founded a Silicon Valley ad tech startup, isocket, that created and leads a new market. Raised a bunch of venture capital, built a top team in SF and NYC, secured the biggest customers in the world against competitors 1,000x our size, etc.

When I’m committed to something I'm relentlessly resourceful and live what I preach. We're also lucky enough to work in a role/industry that rewards intellectual honesty, risk taking, stubbornness, and delusions masked as vision.

Youngest entrepreneur in the world to raise their first VC round in 2009. Multiple 30 under 30 lists. Honored by the White House & US Chamber of Commerce as one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 in the US (empact100 2012). Former athlete. Former software engineer. Still a nerd.

I respectfully only accept friend requests on LI from folks I know. If you're looking for advice / brain picking, please see my Clarity profile: https://clarity.fm/johnramey

Specialties: Creative problem solving, market and trend analysis, big picture thinking, web tech, strategy, advertising, living outside the box, challenging assumptions, programming / building cool stuff, product spec and design.

John doesn't like writing about himself in third person.

Honors & Awards

Top 100 Entrepreneurs Under 30 in USA

White House & US Chamber of Commerce

September 2012

Honored by the White House, US Chamber of Commerce, Startup America, and Empact100 as one of the top entrepreneurs under 30 in the country.

Additional Honors & Awards

2012 30 Under 30 in Silicon Valley (AOL Patch)
2009 Youngest entrepreneur in the world to raise first round of VC financing (during 2009)
2007 Glaubinger Award Winner for excellence in entrepreneurship (Indiana U.)
2007 Indiana U. Representative of the Year
2006 Indiana U. Men's Little 500 top 10
2004 Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Pennsylvania)
2003 Future Leader of Tomorrow (US Congress)
2002 Pennsylvania Track & Field State Champion
2001 Pennsylvania Track & Field State Champion

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