YES!Delft LaunchDay Dec 15, 2016

YES!Delft LaunchDay Dec 15, 2016


Meds2Go develops a small, portable and lightweight container that keeps your medication safe and at the right temperature for up to 7 days without recharging. This will provide security for the patients and give them back the freedom to travel.

The Tau shower system spares water by creating smaller droplets than conventional shower heads. It also saves energy due to an optimized heater.

BlueMed introduces Exsudo, an online platform for wound healthcare providers and patients that delivers safe and simple communication and provides a complete overview of the healing process.

Circularise offers complete product lifecycle tracking, based on Blockchain technology, enabling the transfer of information between producers, users and recyclers.

SolORC technology exploits solar energy delivering electricity, heating/cooling, and desalinated sea-water. Advanced greenhouses fields built in sunny coastal areas can be fed by SolORC units, providing a sustainable future for Agriculture. 

Kitepower uses kites to harness steady winds at high altitudes. A renewable, cost-effective and more sustainable energy solution that is an alternative to wind turbines.

Crescent develops wearable cameras for the medical sector that enables surgeons to share knowledge effortlessly. 

Legacy Root 
Legacy Root makes keeping plants easy with SolidWater, a superabsorbent polymer that helps plants grow up to 70 percent faster with only half the amount of water.

qlayers develops a new type of coating and spraying technology for the shipping industry. The coating has self-cleaning capacities and reduces drag.

Hydra Storage
Hydra storage, produces hydrogen from excess renewable or industrial energy. The hydrogen is stored in portable containers and can be turned into energy or used to tank hydrogen vehicles.

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