We design patient specific bone implants for patients when standard implants do not suffice. Porous implants allow bone ingrowth, mimic the bones natural properties and achieve better results.



Qmod is a fun and accessible platform, that empowers anyone to generate their own electricity by using everyday objects.


Linked Locked

Linked Locked aims to create a physical  bike infrastructure and related services that will revolutionize urban commutes. The first product is an integrated solution for parking bikes which helps the city become smarter.


Interactive Projection

Visiting houses may take up a large amount of time for people who looking to rent/buy them. We provide an app which creates an immersive 3D visualization of your house using your smartphone, which can be experienced by anyone over the internet. A clear visualization of the house will make it easier for people to choose which house best fits them.



We develop wireless charging systems to make the e-mobility easy and more sustainable for our cities.



The logistical chain is inefficient. Lots of (open) data is available. Our technology and tools provide insight to stakeholders and enable them to act, resulting in better use of capacity and improved coordination.


Jugaad - Optimizing process plants in a flexible way

Jugaad predicts the failure of assets in large process plants and optimizes the current operation process with tailor-made algorithms. The algorithms are adapted to the current working processes and also increase the existent revenue from the plants without an increase in investments. 



SmartShare your bag is a service that enables shoppers to share reusable and eco-friendly shopping bags. It is an easy and sustainable solution to always have a shopping bag available while reducing the impact on the environment.



Currently, laying pipelines is expensive and slow since pipe segments have to be transported, welded, and inspected before they are trenched. ISRAR has invented a new method of mobile pipeline production (on-site) while simultaneously pipe laying in a continuous manner. This technique allows us to install rapid seamless pipelines with a considerable cost reduction along with quality improvement.



Pseudo-teleportation: fooling the brain into thinking you are somewhere else.


CAST Formwork System (CFS)

A small solution to a global problem: Using new technology to enable safe and durable self-build housing in developing countries.

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