NEAR is more than just an event finder, event organizer or chat application. Our mission is to centralize scattered information across various social media platforms and applications into a single mobile application and empower the end-users focussing on the gaming industry.

Eduoco is the abbreviation of  “Education, Online, Collaboration " which is focusing on developing an innovative online education platform for sharing and transferring the latest technology in the new fields. 

Eduoco provides the research groups at university with an innovative individual online education platform.Then they are able to gather and commit a large group of experts in a specific field to create a joint, dynamic body of knowledge as an online course material. This online course material would be accessible for students at universities and/or professionals in the industries.In this regard, industries will be updated with the latest science developments at university. 

Enhance and manage useful mutual beneficial meetings of your employees in the 'new working environment', to make them more productive, help them collaborate better and feel happier. Help them find best suitable workplaces fast, without the hassle of walking around searching for one, or go to a building, where there are no workplaces available. This while generating management info to help you save cost and provide better service. With this very affordable solution aimed at existing buildings, you can make your offices more attractive and compete in the 'war on talent'.

Our mission is to create a smart alternative to plastic bags. By integrating smart materials, cutting edge engineering and design, we aim to create a truly disruptive and highly scalable product, that stores in a single motion and is so tiny, that you can always have it with you. It’s unique look, feel and zero volume size are truly innovative and make it a highly desirable design gadget you always want to have with you. It's the worlds first reusable smart bag.

Delft Hyperloop
It costs about € 17.5 million to build one kilometre of high-speed rail track. Now, what if it were possible to build a much faster and far more efficient mode of transport for half that price? That's possible with the Hyperloop. Low-pressure, airtight tubes allow vehicles fitted with a pressurised inner cabin to travel at the speed of sound, using a fraction of the energy consumed by current systems to do that. A transportation system that fast, safe, and affordable has never been done before.


Flessage is the online recorder for real-time communications, so that business professionals can have more engaging conversations with each other without being bothered by timezone differences, appointments and distances. We make use of an intuitive but small size drawing board records your speech, drawings, texts, pictures and, in the future, any other types of media in real-time on one or more slides while also streaming those live to others. This and many other features make sure that the recordings have the same usage capabilities as those of chat- and email-applications in daily business environment at an attractive price.

The first dedicated and low-cost 3D Hand Scanner. Using photogrammetry and 32 cameras, the scanner creates a precise surface model of the hand. The agile nature of the hand requires an instantaneous 360 degrees scan, which current scanners are incapable of. With the scan, a parametric model can be used to make personalized medical instruments, high-end (e-) sports gear and many other customized precision products.

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