YES!Delft LaunchLab

LaunchLab is YES!Delft’s 10-week programme to transform tech ideas into viable business ideas! Any motivated and ambitious team with an early stage tech idea can apply to join this vibrant and practical programme to accelerate your business. LaunchLab is about creating a mindset that the most important activity for starting entrepreneurs is finding customers and a way to earn profit with their business idea.

The goal of the LaunchLab program is to test the commercial feasibility of your tech idea. We will provide you with the tools and coaching necessary to take the first steps on the way to creating a successful company. The main learning objectives of LaunchLab are to:

  • Develop a viable business model for your idea and apply the process of testing business model hypotheses;
  • Find a commercially viable product / market fit around your business idea; and
  • Find stakeholders of your business model who want to partner with you, such as a launching customer.

This Spring's LaunchLab will kick off on Feb 4 & 5, 2016. The programme lasts for 10 weeks, with regular sessions of Fridays. This year we organise a parallel LaunchLab with port related startup teams selected by Port Innovation Lab!

Deadline for application to join this Spring's LaunchLab is extended to January 24th- 11.59 PM, 2016.


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