The commitment fee to participate in LaunchLab amounts to €1250,- (excl. VAT)* per team of 2 persons, and € 500.- (excl. VAT) for every next founder participating in the program, to be billed in March 2016. The fee is to cover a part of the costs of the program, which includes working space, master classes, workshops, lunch & drinks, coaching, support in developing a validated business model and access to the YES!Delft network. The total value of the program is approx. € 3500 per founder. YES!Delft sponsors the remaining amount of the costs.

* Different rates apply for Port Innovation Lab participants and teams from corporate partners. Ask about the fee. 


Please also note that YES!Delft expects your team to be committed and present during the complete programme, because this will enhance the quality of the peer2peer coaching sessions and will improve your team’s progress. Contact time will be one day per week for 10 weeks and we strongly advise to free up 2 days per week for customer and business model validation.

symposium registration
 symposium registration