The Life History Research Society

The Life History Research Society is an informal, multi-disciplinary group of scholars who are pursuing prospective longitudinal research examining various aspects of human development. The unifying theme of this society is the longitudinal research approach: the study of human development across time. Studies range from examining a population over the course of a year to multi-generational studies examining relationships between grandparents, parents, and their children. The focus of the longitudinal programs of research varies widely, from delinquency and criminality to various psychosocial (i.e., happiness, financial autonomy), life-transition (i.e., puberty, retirement, etc.), and health-related outcomes (i.e., internalizing behaviours).

The society has been having meetings for over three decades at 18-24 month intervals at different international venues. The objectives of these conferences are to (1) share information that will advance the study of human development and influence the next generation of longitudinal studies, (2) promote multidisciplinary research and interdisciplinary dialogue/collaboration around a common theme (longitudinal research), and (3) foster communication between senior and junior researchers, and researchers and students.

The 2016 Conference

The Life History Research Society will hold its next meeting from May 25th – May 28th 2016 in Amsterdam.


Registration fees:


From 25 February 2016

€430 conference fee full registration
€215 conference fee for students
€215 single day





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 participant registration